She told me to take 1200 mg calcium


My vit D blood test results came back this afternoon and was 25. My dr did this test after my bone density scan showed osteopenia. So she told me to take 1200 mg calcium & 2000 IU of vitamin D3. I’m still trying to research the info on magnesium as she didn’t mention it at all. This has truly become overwhelming with so much information. I was laid off from my job & ins ends tomorrow so most of my research has to focused on jobs at the moment. So, since I don’t have insurance or the money to find a holistic dr, my question is,,, are the people who run health stores, in your opinion, qualified to guide me on what I should get to take? I honestly just need someone that knows the benefits of mag that can tell me what to buy. #stressed

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  1. What I can tell you REALLY need to do, is read "The Calcium Lie II: What Your Doctor Still Doesn't Know," and educate yourself about the truth in calcium science and diseases like osteopenia and the like. Prepare to be mind-blown. 🙂

  2. Calcium and vit d gave me osteopenia at 33

  3. First off, the single Storage "D" value only touches the iceberg, you should have the four "D" tests recommended. See if you can get a script for them and get them drawn tomorrow.

    And, 25 for Storage is not low. Furthermore, taking calcium and isolated D3 supplementally is risky business at best.

  4. Here is what cured me. magnesium 1000mg daily, cod liver oil Nordic naturals or Rosita for natural a retinol and natural d, calcium rich foods, zombies protocol, kefir water and and milk for probiotics, Magnesium cofactors,

  5. Instead of relying on the healthfood store, begin reading stuff here and get the HTMA so that you have a targetted plan.

  6. You guys are so knowledgeable on this stuff. Scary for me. Thanks for getting the info out to people!

  7. I also recommend The calcium Lie. The website – He has a video lecture there that is very informative and helpful for all your questions.

  8. Magnesium water to drink through out the day… cheap and easy. Don't for get the other two co-factors to get the magnesieum absorbed: B6 and Boron along with the bicarbonate in the mag water!

  9. Look up The Sunflower Shoppe in Colleyville TX online. Then call them. They are locally owned and have incredibly trained staff (clinical nutritionists) that can help you. You can also order online with them. They are such a HUGE help whereas national chains barely teach their staff. Call the Sunflower Shoppe, then order online with them. 🙂

  10. I'm near Dallas so I can skip over to Colleyville – thanks Kristie!

  11. Thanks everyone! I read posts here a lot. Loving the group!

  12. I'll get there lol

  13. Folks, I can almost promise you that the folks even at the Sunflower Shoppe don't know what's being taught here. I BEG YOU, please, please listen to the advice here, get the proper tests and being your healing. Mineral balancing as taught here is what is finally making me well after 15 years of searching.

  14. And I can't recommend HIGHLY enough for you to make and drink the very inexpensive MoM water, Magnesium Bicarbonate water. IT'S THE BOMB! Turned my life around! This book talks all about Sodium Bicarbonate, then at the end, he says, oh, by the way, I found out that MAGNESIUM Bicarbonate is waaaaaay better. And, oh, BTW, I sell it for $80 a bottle. Make your own for pennies!

  15. I was taking baking soda for heart burn & my dr said not to because my bp runs high. What helps one thing hurts another. Which is why I stay confused. Please don't think I'm not paying attention to the advice. That's why I'm here. I didn't expect it to be quite so complicated but things will settle down hopefully soon to where I can focus more on it. For now, I just need simple. And to complicate matters more, I have continuing skin cancer issues from too much sun. Now I have a vitamin d deficiency that I need sun to replenish. Go figure! Lol Just gonna stay positive & get healthy.

  16. vitamin D, magnesium and K2 are what you need

  17. Isolated Hormone D supplements are not recommended in this group. Get the FOUR hormone D tests to know your complete hormone D status. Read the Beginner's Guide at the top of this page for more information about Hormone D!!

    1. Magnesium RBC
    2. Calcium, Ionized, Serum
    3. "Storage" Hormone D, 25-OH D3 Hyroxy
    4. "Active" Hornone D, 1.25 Dihydroxy Calcitriol

    Calcium supplements are also not recommended in this group. Get the HTMA in order to know your Calcium/Magnesium ratio, as well as several other very important mineral ratios, amounts of toxic heavy metals, your metabolic type, etc.. If complete testing reveals that calcium is truly needed, it is best to get calcium from foods such as spinach, kale, other leafy greens, cheese, etc. Excess calcium is deposited in the soft tissues and joints causing much stiffness and pain, bone spurs, arthritis, brain lesions, kidney stones, prostate and breast calcifications, atherosclerosis in the heart and arteries, etc. Excess calcium also blocks very important copper absorption!!

    Magnesium is required to convert "Storage" Hormone D3 into "Active" Hormone D Calcitriol.

    A Hormone D deficiency is actually a Magnesium deficiency!

    The ideal ratio of "Active" D Calcitriol to "Storage" D3 Hydroxy is 2:1 or, at most 2.5:1

    When you increase your Magnesium RBC, your Storage Hormone D3 level will also increase. The increased Hormone D will then raise your Calcium, Serum, Ionized level.

    Hormone D causes calcium to be absorbed from the intestines into the blood stream; therefore, if your calcium is already high, then you may not want to be taking more hormone D!

  18. I recommend taking 20,000 iu a day for three weeks (if calcium levels are lower than 10). Almond with vitamin K2 (source of life) and 400 mg of magnesium:)

    I'm always here to help, message me with questions:)

  19. Mary the lady that runs the health food store by me knows a heck of alot. I am stopping seeing some dr's that don't listen to me and go to her and have more control over my health. That's just me though. I really trust her with my life.

  20. Madiha Saeed – your recommendation on D3 above is very risky and not in alignment with the position on "D" by the owner of this group. Please read this summary page carefully. It represents the position on "D.

  21. Great question!!! Ok, I worked in a health/supplement shop for almost 2 yrs, I have some medical/nursing behind me, so I had more knowledge than my coworkers….NOT all sales associates have supplement knowledge…where I worked, we were trained & had to take 'classes' on the computer, but NOTHING was as informative as client feedback on different supplements, however, remember we are all different & we metabolize different things differently. Because I also have an issue with maintaining a decent Vit D/Mag level, I understand some of the variables a little better than most but still not 100%!!! It can get complicated. Do your own research, inform yourself as best as you can….I probably had 10 people a day/shift buying Vit D…or that came in with cramps that were easily remedied with Magnesium…soooo many people are dealing with this, and my Dr didn't even understand what a mag defieciency was!! Much less how to correct a VIt D issue! Anyway, good luck! If you don't feel that a sales assoc is helpful, report them to the company. They are selling supplements and should be knowledgeable…in my opinion, they should know what the supps are for & how they can help as well as hurt people !!!!!!!!!

  22. Most health food store employees do not know the truth about magnesium, calcium, vit d. They will continue the myth that you need calcium and vit d. Please educate yourself here. Save yourself time, money, and your health!

  23. Lisa Helmso Stiles, Lori L. Deckard

  24. I'd suggest the HTMA with Morley which includes the consult with recommendations. to sign up.

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