Should I go gluten free or start a keto diet?


Hay guys
Quick question I want to make some changes to my diet should I go gluten free or start a keto diet? I’ve watched a lot of videos on both and I’m kinda lost

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  1. Gluten free. Look into AIP. Keto is just another trend like Atkins was

  2. Autoimmune paleo! Makes a HUGe difference. It sure did for me!

  3. I do gluten free

  4. Everyone responds differently. Both may help!

  5. Gluten and milk free made a huge difference. Cheese & yogurt don't seem to bother me,milk does me in for hours

  6. don't overwhelm yourself do one or the other. I would start at gf and give it a chance to work at least a month

  7. You have to find what works for you. My family has done Keto for a number of years. I did away with dairy for 6 months did not make a different. Good luck on what you choose.

  8. You want to do the least extreme thing you can that still makes you feel better. I was on GFCF for 3-4 years before going keto. I would start with GF / Paleo, and only do keto if really needed.

  9. Going gluten free changed my life. I am also almost completely dairy free. I do still eat cheese because it doesn't affect me.

  10. Keto is gluten free

  11. Gluten free saved me

  12. Gluten free is a must to start with

  13. Whole 30.

  14. Keto has been life changing – highly recommend. Gluten free is a must.

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