Should I push for an endoscopy?!


My 18 yrs old son has lots of diarrhea and nausea right after he eats. His dad has Celiac, I might have it too and his grandfather died from Colon cancer, which makes me think he had undiagnosed celiac that leaded to cancer, maybe?!
Anyway my son’s blood work came back negative for celiac. Should I push for an endoscopy?!

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  1. How “negative” were his blood tests? There are several factors that could cause a false outcome.
    If his father is Celiac and he’s having symptoms, I’d definitively go with an endoscopy. Choose an endocrinologist that knows about Celiac! Where they take biopsies can affect those tests too.

  2. Yes but some drs refuse to know about celiac.

  3. was he eating gluten before he was tested?

  4. Yes I would and a colonoscopy too.

  5. My daughter suffered sporadic stomach pain over the course of a few years. Her blood test came back negative for celiac. They kept saying it was anxiety when I knew that it wasn’t so I kept pushing. Finally after seeing a pediatric gastroenterologist..they did another blood test and even without seeing the results the doctor decided to go ahead with the endoscopy…just as its taking place the results come back and she tests positive with low markers for celiac and endoscopy reveals the beginning of villous atrophy….her brother who had no symptoms tested positive for celiac with high markers and his endoscopy revealed minimum damage…their uncle also had no symptoms and tested positive with high markers….I know it’s very frustrating .. I hope you get the answers you are looking for

  6. Just try gluten free and dairy free to see if he feels better.

  7. Have you read this yet ? Helped me

    Celiac Disease Book

  8. YES can make you just as sick as CD

  9. Depends, how willing is he to become gluten free. My daughter is afraid to the point of passing out of needles. An endoscopy is out of the question. She was willing to go gluten free.

  10. I would push for it.

  11. research non celiac gluten sensitivity.

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