Should I return to baths with borax?


I recently acquired a box of 20 Mule Team Borax from the US as it is not available to purchase where I live. I have been following the Mag Protocol for a year now and was feeling much improved and excited to commence another leg of the protocol with borax. I decided initially to add borax (1 tablespoon) to my Epsom salt (2 cups) & bicarbonate of soda (1 cup) baths and then to possibly add it to my water. However my hot flashes and nightly sweats have returned with a vengeance and this is only since adding borax to my baths. I take 9mg boron daily also, but had been doing that all along as part of my protocol. Any suggestions anyone? What am I doing wrong? Should I return to baths with borax? Thanks and an early happy new year wish to you all.

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  1. Possibly too much boron, if you're already been taking 9mg. Either skip in bath or reduce daily intake.

  2. Boron can increase estrogen and then it will hopefully level off.

  3. Curious if you have been loosing hair?

  4. I have read that Borax is supposed to help with hot flashes and night sweats because it balances the hormones… I have my hot flashes mostly under control now, with the help from Borax and bioidentical progesteron cream, but I notice that when I eat more sugar and milk than normal (like right now, around Christmas) they get worse again.

  5. I wonder if the added borax boron is getting your excess iron moving, which could explain the hot flashes. I know there's a quote in the album about that.


    Boron would then be an iron chelator or suppressor ? Ideas someone ?

  6. Should I avoid this since I have hemochromatosis (iron overload )

  7. If you are taking boron and were fine without it in your soaks, then I say yes remove the borax from the soaks and see how you feel. I really dont know anything though 😀

  8. Morley mentions hot flashes briefly. What options to clear iron are you using? Have you had the testing done?

  9. I haven't had the testing done yet. I'm hoping to get bloods done locally but can't source anyone to take the specific ones needed. I had to plead with my GP to take mag blood levels but she took the wrong one, not the RBC. Melissa Oestreich why do I need iron cleared? I haven't looked at the podcast yet – busy just now with kids but will later

  10. I don't know if your country fortifies wheat with iron or not. Excess iron depletes magnesium, b6, and more…..and a sign of that is hot flashes.

  11. I might add that I did ask the question on this forum about 6 weeks ago if I should reduce my intake of boron from 9mg daily – and was told no that I should keep taking it.

  12. boron/borax regulates hormones so perhaps doing both 9mg orally and adding it to the soaks is too much for your system

  13. i cant afford another ache with fibro & hashi.1 tbsp in my bath made my hips ache horrible.both times. theres a whole list of foods that contain boron…

  14. I'm going to stop adding borax to the bath and monitor how I do – thanks for all the input

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