Should I still see an endocrinologist?


I have been diagnosed this year with Hashimoto’s. My MD is managing my thyroid with meds/bloodwork every 8-12 weeks. Do you think I should still see an endocrinologist if my thyroid numbers have returned to normal? Also should most of my symptoms disappear with the meds? Thanks in advance for advice, sorry if this is a repeat question

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  1. My endo ran the same tests as my pcp so I stopped going to the endo and saved the $30.

  2. I dont see an endo. The endo i saw was not very nice. I have seen many docs and the only one who was caring was a family doc. As far as symptoms go the answer is yes and no. Diet supplemnts and probiotics help some people. Most days im fine, i dont push My self when im tired i rest and then some days im compkete crap. Hashis is sort of a roller coaster..

  3. Jen, what are your lab results? Levels I guess I should say? Jw

  4. Initially my TSH was 25.58, \nFree T4: 9\nFree T3: 3.9\n\nLab ranges for the above were: 0.30-4.00 mlU/L TSH; 9-23 pmol/L T4 and 3.5-6.5 pmol/L for T3\n\nAnti-Thyroid peroxidase was 558

  5. Wow they were crazy ugh?

  6. I guess. Still trying to understand what these numbers mean

  7. Trying to work my way through Mary Shoman’s book on hypothyroidism

  8. I may need to get that book! I was recently diagnosed but my labs (tsh etc) are still considered within “normal ” range so I am not being treated yet. I had a biopsy yesterday so I am waiting to hear on that .

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