Should I stop taking my D3?


I just started Chelated Magnesium. Heath issues with cholesterol and respiratory. I’m totally confused about vitamin D. Should I stop taking my D3?

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  1. Yes, stop the "D" and take a walk outside in the sunshine, too.

  2. Why are you on vit d?

  3. I have the same question as well. My sister was put on 2,000 mg of D3 a day. He d levels were very low. She is on dialatin which depletes it. Should I take her off and do mag?

  4. Read this page carefully as it summarizes the position of the owner of this group on "D". Taking isolated D3 is risky business. Get the four blood tests done and then you will really know your status.

  5. Did she have the 4 blood tests? D3 deplete magnesium. Having one test it is hard to determine deficiency. You need both active and storage d levels plus magnesium RBC and ionic calcium.

  6. She just had a regular blood test to check d levels before she was put on D3. I knw the stance of the group just thought I would ask to see if there is any exception. She is not mobile as well, which also depleted calcium in the bones.

  7. From my collies experience he has to take D3 due hypoparathyroidism but this had over the years drastically dropped his mg. Which in turn meant he was given more D3 as his calcium n D3 didn't work as well because of the low mg. This lowered his mg again. (further complicated as he stopped absorbing D3 orally). He still has to take his vit d3 but the dose has been lowered due to the mg. His vet never considered mg as part of the issue, he had specialists looking after him for weeks and no one put him on mg. I did when I got him back and the difference is immense. If you take mg and the same amount of vit d3 you will increase your calcium and potentially cause health issues. He has to take calcium too and I've found he needs to have more mg than calcium to keep his calcium levels up. Could she go to the doctors to discuss lowering the vit d3 and taking mg? Then get blood tests to confirm this is being effective? I personally can't see mg not having a positive effect. Since researching for my collie I've decided to take mg and my family have just started after seeing the positive effect on me.

  8. Will try and see. Luckily her primary doctor is open minded. She was put on D3 by her osteoporosis doctor.

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