Should she go back to endocrinologist?


My daughter was diagnosed last summer with Hypo/ Hashimoto.. was placed on med levothyroxine low dose
.25mg.. has had two biopsy done on thyroid nodule.. ( waiting for genetic test to come back) she stated yesterday that she still has symptoms two in particular are weight gain and still losing hair. Should she go back to endocrinologist to see if they should up her dose?

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  1. Yes! When starting meds you should follow up every 6 weeks, then every 3 months.

  2. 25 mcg is a tiny dose. Have they not checked her levels since last summer?

  3. No she has had it checked but probably not since December

  4. And just started with endocrinologist in January due to this nodule bc first biopsy came back inconclusive

  5. OK. It's good that she is being monitored.

  6. So does the anxiety depression brain fog fatigue hair loss ever go away? Is it a med dose thing or is it even with the meds she'll still have those symptoms.

  7. I had a huge goiter on my thyriid that I completely shrunk with doing the autoimmune paleo diet. I've also put my Hashimoto's intermission for 3 years.

  8. My doc checks levels every 3 months. They should also check other levels including vit D. Since I've gotten my levels stable and gotten my D up my hair has stopped falling out and I've lost weight without trying. Not allot but couple pounds here and there.

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