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This might be a stupid question but a simple biscuit recipe that only includes butter, sugar and flour can I just swope the butter for df margrine and the flour for gf flour. As my partner is really struggling to find sweet treats and I have so many food intolernaces x

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  1. I have, as long as it's 1:1 gf flour it seems to work for me. If I use coconut oil in place of butter, the ratios need to be adjusted.

  2. I haven't had great success with the gluten free flours. There are a lot of good packaged GF and dairy free sweets in the markets. Sprouts, Trader Joe's, and even Target have a good selection.

  3. I find that the block Stork is a good substitute for butter.

  4. Just try it. You may need to add a bit of xanthan gum

  5. I tried this last night with lard and unsweet almond milk and I can't get it with gf flour

  6. We use bob mills 1:1 flour as a substitute for regular flour and I've made so many things with it, even cakes. This one is great and you don't have to add in xantham gum. Not sure if it's in the UK but I would look for it or see if you can order online. It's the only one I've found that is a true 1:1 and doesn't change the taste much. Served a whole group of teenagers a cake made with it the other day and they had no idea it was a "healthier than the average cake" cake

  7. Yes you can and here's a few more to help you out

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