Since my celiac diagnosis, everyday I am hungry!


I have a question about being hungry all the time. Ever since my diagnosis, everyday I am hungry all the time! A couple of hours out from eating, I am starving. I know the answer is NOT to have a lot of gluten free snacks around, and some days I feel like I going to float down the river by drinking so much water. Is there a solution? Will this eventually go away? I have to admit, patience is not a strong suit of mine! Thanks for any insights!

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  1. Yes it goes away!!! I spent almost 6 months hungry and now I still get that hunger for DAYS after eating even a bite of gluten on accident but it is GONE the rest of the time . Protein helps me the most, I live on meat and mushrooms when I’m “bottomless” 🙂 we call them hunger days, and I’ll eat 2 or 3 or 4 days worth of food in 1 day.

  2. Good to know… I’ve been gluten free for 6 days now but I always feel hungry as well. Hopefully it will subside eventually.

  3. It was something I noticed too. Pre-diagnosis, I was eating HUGE portion sizes because I needed it to feel “full,” and it didn’t matter because my body wasn’t getting anything from it anyway. Now that I’ve been on the diet awhile, I’ve had to cut down my intake! It made me super hungry at first, because my body was used to stuffed = full, but I’ve been working on it for a few months. I will say though, that if your problem persists you should talk to your doctor, because it could be something like an overactive metabolism or hyperglycemia.

  4. It will get better. I was hungry all the time.

  5. How is your blood sugar? I would add fruit without peelings when you are hungry… or any other healthy snack to get you thru… Eating every 2 hours is not a problem is it is not much you are eating… Water is so good for you.. I drink a bunch too,,….

  6. Husband has been gluten free since end of March due to celiac disease. He is eating non stop and still hungry all the time. He says the hunger pains are so painful. Dr gave him zantac but don’t think it is helping.

  7. More good fats such as advocado, coconut olive oil, chai Be careful not to overdo water as it affects your electrolytes balance. Add lemon juice and a pinch of sea salt. You can drown your cells….

  8. I was the same way. I don’t have celiac, but am gluten intolerant. I started taking fiber – which helped keep me full and also helped me to replace the fiber I had lost from cutting out wheat etc.

  9. Make sure to get enough fibre with fruits and veggies and eat good fats, live avocados, nuts and seeds, protein as well is important.

  10. Kendra! This is how I feel all the time!

  11. My daughter was so used to feeling full from being bloated that she was always hungry too! We got her vitamin and mineral levels checked and her manganese was low. And chromium helped with blood sugar. Its not uncommon for minerals to be low due to malabsorption.

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