SmartMag has significantly improved anxiety and sleep


SmartMag has significantly improved my anxiety and sleep. I have been taking for a week and my body feels much calmer. Even the tension in my teeth and facial muscles have relaxed. I hope you can read the ingredients in the photo but if not, this product contains a total of 200 mg of magnesium in 3 capsules sourced from 1000 mg L-Threonate, 630 mg from Taurate and 525 mg of Glycinate. Directions say to take 3 capsules in afternoon and 3 capsules an hour before bed.

My problem is that this product does not have a laxative effect and I need to take at least 600 mg of Magnesium (from Oxide and Chelate) in order to be regular.

I also like to spray 5 squirts of LIfe FLo Pure Magnesium Oil on my skin. 4 sprays = 66mg

So my question is whether I am taking too much magnesium in total? According to Dr. Carolyn Dean, magnesium has a built in fail-safe for taking too much because it will cause diarrhea. But some of these sources of magnesium do not have a laxative effect. Not sure if I should rely on this theory. Thank you in advance for your comments and insight.

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  1. Change your diet to relieve constipation including adding more potassium rich foods.

  2. I was thinking about trying this brand. Glad it worked for your anxiety that's what I need it for

  3. I have been taking this mag for several months and do like it also. You need 5mg per pound of body weight, more to raise levels.

  4. I take this too! Love it..I feel so relaxed and calm and helps with sleep..

  5. Do u take it at night or in the morning?

  6. Good question. I'm in the same situation as you. I am taking 400 of Oxide and need it for regularity. My doctor said you will only absorb about 20 mg of it and eliminate the rest. He wants me to add the one that starts with "T". Sorry, I'm not able to get the name of it right now.

  7. taurate?

  8. So many forms!!! My head is spinning.

  9. Interesting. Wondering if the glycinate in it would affect me in this combo. I normally do not sleep well with glycinate by itself.

  10. Yes MJ Hampstead I am on a high sodium protocol.

  11. Jackie Dalseme where can I buy this product . Also what kind of ben fits do you see with spray mag on your face

  12. I get nasty anxiety so thanks for sharing 🙂 where do you buy your magnesium?

  13. I love the blend of mag in this but not a fan of those additives and fillers still on the search for a mag taurine threonate mix!

  14. Cellulose is a bad filler too.

  15. Coconut oil in your morning coffee / hot beverage of choice helps to keep regular.

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