So has the aip diet really worked for people?


So has the aip diet really worked for people? Am in week 2 (although the first week I messed up on a couple of foods I didn’t realize I wasn’t so posed to have)…..I seriously feel like I have been hit by a truck…as in my skin is even sore like i have a fever (i was recently diagnosed with lupus) but read that in the beginning stages of the aip diet you can experience flu like symptoms…

My ra said he didn’t believe things like the aip diet will help my condition….but encouraged me to just eat clean….

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  1. Tiffany Self, fyi: Heavy metal toxicity has been misdiagnosed as Lupus for many years. Symptoms usually clear after chelation. I suggest an HTMA. You’ll want to look for mercury, and I suspect arsenic as well. If mercury is occult or hidden, there areways to find it by clues in the other levels, you can post your test on the Cutler board. You’ll also want a PCR stool test to find the pathogen causing the Hashimoto’s and the mineral toxicity.

  2. It’s called a keto flu very normal passes after 4-5 days

  3. AIP absolutely helped me. I was really skeptical that it would work, but committed to doing 6 weeks. I was pretty sick before I started AIP, so I didn’t notice if I felt worse first, and I don’t remember how long it took before I started feeling better, but brain fog was the first symptom to go away. By the end of the 6 weeks I felt better than I’d felt in years!

  4. Yes, this happened to me also! Low carb flu is what it’s called. Your body is detoxing. You’re at the end of the roller coaster and will start to feel better in the next couple of weeks. Make sure you are mostly having protein and veggies and then have fruit too, especially as a snack. Plantain chips or sweet potato chips are a great way to add some crunch and dip into some guac for a snack too. Best of luck¸ eating clean is what a lot of people say, but it doesn’t eliminate gluten, soy, or dairy because it’s up to their discretion. If you read about the autoimmune diseases most of these foods cause our bodies to go ballistic. I feel better than I have in years now that the preliminary part of feeling hit by a truck, is over.

  5. Going on AIP has no only allowed me to finally lose weight, but I’m feeling better physically than I have in 20 years. However, everyone is different and that is important to remember.

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