So I don’t want to take a B complex that’s synthetic


So I don’t want to take a B complex that’s synthetic. I considered megafoods b complex since its natural. Thoughts on it or even Braggs nutritional yeast? When I was vegan I loved to use it all the time.

Ps. No longer vegan. Just about killed me I’m sure.

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  1. Kristin I know you are sensitive to B's I believe. Any sleep issues? Anxiety?

  2. Vitacost bioavailable b complex

  3. I took garden of life and I think it did okay I just reoreded. For sure the synthetic I did well on but, I want to do more natural whch is better. I also use bee pollen but, I think they don't have b12

  4. Innate Response

  5. B12 needs to be sublingual or transdermal.

  6. I take a high dose of sublingual, methyl B12 (Source Naturals, 5mg) and it got me off injectables.

  7. I definitely don't want to take high doses of any B complex and especially B12 as it has a tendency to lower potassium which affects cortisol and I'm trying to balance everything. I do get p5p though.

  8. No I had no issues with the Raw B complex. Just the synthetic kind I tried a few times! But now I just depend on the nettles, liver and royal jelly/honey. The royal jelly is highest in B6 I believe.

  9. MJ Hamp do you a have a recommendation on a good B12 source.

  10. I am so disappointed in an order I talked my friend into with grown by nature. He ordered 180 pills for $75 so we could share them. We finally got a bottle of 20 pills in the mail yesterday and some are broke. The last two messages went unanswered. I think we will be looking for a different place next time.

  11. Don't scare me Robin Veverka I placed my first order with them recently

  12. Donna, Where do they get the b12? How natural is it?

  13. Ahhh, Nettles! I think Ima get that.

  14. Jason Derkevics – please address Robin Veverka's concern with her order. thanks

  15. This is our first order also, I didint mean to scare you. We were told they didnt know supplies were so low and the rest are coming. I just think $75 is a lot of money for 20 pills.

  16. I use the activated B12 sublingual from Swanson's.

  17. what about the sublingal spray from Gared of Life?

  18. Karen that one looks pretty good! I'm interested in it as well. It's the Kind Organics line I think

  19. Kristen I just ordered from Amazon. I mean I just hit the order button! haha

  20. Hope it works out for you then lol! I've seen it locally and it looks like a decent brand

  21. I must say I am on prenisone and I am very edgy about a lot of daily things so I may have this magnified. My friend is upset also.

  22. Robin Veverka, do you know about the discount code that Grown By Nature has for this group to use?

  23. yes we used the code 🙂

  24. Stephanie Widmaier do we search the files for the code?

  25. gotmag20 is the code

  26. Thank you Robin Veverka for real information. Appreciate it.

  27. oh nice ! i didn't realize about that other brand of nutritional yeats Kristin Merizalde .. i just kept seeing brands with folic acid so i stopped trying to buy it 🙂

  28. I also ordered from grown by nature and didn't receive the correct amount. I left a message but haven't heard back. There was no packing slip stating whether the rest was on back order.

  29. Yes someone wrote about it the other day and I saved it! I'm glad I did it looks good Steph!

  30. I have seen other posts in this group about communication issues and shipping. I wanted to give someone in this group a chance anyways. We got an email explaining they didnt know supplies were so short. We ordered the 180 count of Vitamin B Complex plus Vitamin C Re-Natured for $75.98

  31. I have sent him two FB PM that have gone unanswered so far

  32. I remember reading that taking a natural B Complex will not make your pee yellow. I take MegaFoods B Complex and its as yellow as ever…

  33. Hi Robin, I did just respond to your email sent late last night. We have been traveling on the road the past few days. We also did send an email to the adress associated with the order. The tablets that were sent were "reserve" bottles as we are awaiting our new stock to arrive. We did include this to the email associated with the order. The 75 was not for 20 tablets, but the full 180, which will be sent to your friend shortly. Thank you for your kind understanding. I am writing this at a rest stop in the Mojave desert as we finally received Internet on my phone and saw the notifications. Justin, I will have to check but I believe we sent an email out as well regarding the "reserve" bottle situation. If you did not receive that notification, please either pm me or send an email to [email protected], so I will be able to receive notification. We had quite a run on Vitamin B and Vitamin C the last few weeks. Thank you for your kind understandings and support of our company. God bless

  34. 'Sorry, Cathy Perkins! I didn't see your question before I left to take a nap. 🙂 'Glad Robin Veverka answered your question!

  35. Stabilized Rice Bran, e.g. Red Mill brand, should do the job brilliantly.

  36. Anyone know if there is any spinach or other high oxalate foods in Grown by Nature B complex? Jason Derkevics?

    In Innate Response and MegaFood it says so and so many mg of spinach for example, and they claim that it's within the safe limits even if you need to eat low oxalate. I don't know how they do that, to make it low ox, because spinach is extremly high ox and I thought that in the supps a lot of it where dried and "pressed" into one tablet. Anyone else thought about this?

  37. Hello Anna, I have asked the oxalate question to our nutrient supplier, and they assured us oxalates were not an issue with our nutrients. We do not use spinach, but a probiotic to deliver our B-complex nutrients. Hope this helps

  38. Ok thank you Jason Derkevics, so your b complex is not derived from s cerivisiae, but from a probiotic is I understand you right?

    Good to know it does not contain any spinach. Nor any other high ox foods like beets and turmeric?

    Thank you for your help!

  39. That is correct, Anna. Most welcome

  40. How about people with MTHFR? I am using Seeking Health active B12 with L-5-MTHF kind of pricey and have not felt any difference yet on first bottle

  41. @izabela, even just eating grassfed beef or chicken liver makes my pee yellow so I don't see why natural supplements wouldn't… I always assumed it was the b vitamins. Maybe I'm wrong?

  42. Shehnaz, our form of B vitamins are methylated and people have reported they do very well with that mutation.

  43. Jason, what company is that?

  44. Grown By Nature

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