So i dug my old kidney stone report back out


So i dug my old kidney stone report back out. I produce Ca oxalate stones 52% and Ca phosphate 40%. But on my stone prevention guidelines, sent home with me, it says to take in at least 800 to 1200 milligrams of calcium daily, try calcium citrate supplementation if lactose intolerant. Now my question for my group here is…”Doesnt Calcium bind with my mag and push it out of me?” Im confused. Dang it I hate freakin kidney stones too but I need my mag to stay up. Im between a stone (hehe)and a hard place. Will natural intake of calium foods like milk icecream cheese still drag my mag down? Im lookin for hope here. I dont want to take Calcium Supps but would like to keep my body from forming the stones by eating natural sources. But dont want the natural sources to eliminate my Mag either…any ideas MJ Hamp?

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  1. My doctor told me high D levels in blood tests (above 90) are not good and can lead to stones. How are your D levels?

  2. Low and I dont take D supplements. 72.

  3. I believe Magnesium, Vit D, and Calcium are considered a golden triangle of sorts and need to be taken in alignment/balanced quantities for appropriate absorption. Not a direct answer to your question but may bear further investigation.

  4. It is not recommended to take any supplemental calcium. We tend to get enough for a healthy diet or fresh dark leafy greens. Getting your mag level up and B6 will help prevent future stones. Please read The Calcium Lie II.

  5. You can reverse kidney disease with baking soda even when on dialysis

  6. Dr. Mercola sent me an article recently regarding easy ways to prevent kidney stones. One that I remember was good hydration.

  7. Chris Boyce. Is it fine to get calcium from natural food sources as milk etc to get my calium? Calcium binds together with oxalates and before they turn to crystals in kidneys..whichbis kid stones, they get excreted in bowl and urine instead but i dont want even natural cslcium to bind my magnesium. See my delimna?

  8. I was making some calcification areas on some of my bones (seen via an MRI). My PCP said this was normal but when I told my Naturapthic physician, she told me to stop taking Calcium and to start taking 500 mg of Magnesium daily. It's time to take another look at that recommendation.

  9. Lita Rodgers Wallace wow would absolutely love to read that. If i send u my email can u forward it to me please?

  10. Diane Olson i just want to get it naturally and not worry if its a protagonist to my mag. Ie like drinking milk instead of supps?

  11. Frannie, you might try to look at how much calcium is in your diet compared to magnesium. I think it is supposed to be 50:50. If we are starting out low in one mineral, we would probably need even more of that one. (I sent you a PM).

  12. It's my understanding that K2 helps us use calcium so that it is not removed from bones, etc., and does not deposit in places it shouldn't. Magnesium also helps it be used properly.

  13. It is all a balance. You need to know through HTMA what your ratios are to know where you are and where you need to go. What is your Mag RBC? I would be aware of how much calcium you are getting from all sources. I think a two to one ratio is better, twice as much mag than calcium.

  14. Whats k2?

  15. Vitamin K2 is an oil soluble vitamin, not to be confused with Vitamin K that is found in greens.

  16. Need K2? eat Natto. I have a box every day.

    Vitamin K-1 is found in green leafy vegetables and can only be converted into vitamin K-2 by bacterial fermentation. This typically occurs in our lower intestines and unfortunately is too far down stream to be absorbed. Natto is one of the few and may be one of the best dietary sources of vitamin K-2. The vitamin K-2 we use in nutritional supplements is made by natto bacteria.

  17. My kidney stones due to un-fermented soy (soy milk) Natto is fermented soy.

  18. Why is K2 important? But anyways im trying to figure out since calcium does seem to help oxalates so that they dont form kidney stones im wondering if i can do natural foods for my calcium. Instead of supps.

  19. The idea of natto is kind of funny. It's something kind of gross (texture) that people dare each other to eat. I have had it a couple of times and made it once. I will definitely eat it again, for such a unique source of nutrients, K2 and nattokinase, I think it's worth it. It's amazing what you can get used to/learn to like. 😉 I am also learning to swallow "pills" of frozen bits of raw liver. I even ATE liver a couple years ago and liked it. I was expecting to try not to hate it, so was surprised.

  20. Since K2 and magnesium are supposed to help calcium behave like it should, I wonder if they would help prevent stones from forming?

  21. Lyman Duggan i rwad the whole article. Very interesting. I dont eat soy at all. But to get a couple good benefits soy sauce sounds good. Intersting article.

  22. Lita Rodgers Wallace after reading the article that Lyman Duggan posted it sounds like to me that we can get the same benefits from other fermented foods…Like saurkraut or Kimchi or Kambuchi. It doesnt sound like to me that it has to be soy that is fermented. But if so we can use soysauce. and miso. Fermented soy is beneficial in recolonizing the good bacteria in the large intestine, which neutralizes the bad bacteria and allows for good assimilaton of foods and nutrients. But shoot we can do that other ways too…not necessarily fermented soy but other fermented products do the same thing in our intestines. The unfermented soy products bind with our good minerals and we get depleted of the good vit and minerals we need. So we have to avoid unfermented soy. Wow…how did we get here? LOL Its interesting though.

  23. Lyman Duggan and Lita Rodgers Wallace Lookie at what I found……..
    Foods high in vitamin K2
    Hard cheese
    Soft cheese
    Egg yolk
    Chicken liver
    Chicken breast
    Ground beef. I raise my own chickens and we eat loads of egg yolk. And I love chicken breast. Looks like Im probably getting plenty of K2 wow…

  24. Frannie Ford I posted the article for K2 information and kidney stones as side bar. Yes fermented foods are very good for you and I make several kinds and belong to several fermenting groups here on fb and other places. If any one interested, the guru is Sandor Katz and you should read his book considered the bible of home fermenting and on amazon.

  25. Lyman I make my own Kumbuchi.

  26. Robert Thompson Dr. Thompson do you have any advice for avoiding kidney stones? Frannie, you may want to check out his book The Calcium Lie II. Another good book is Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox by Kate Rheaume-Bleue.

  27. I wish I could…Hubby will not allow it…only because we are not using credit cards anymore… we are paying off all our dept then he will allow me to use one again later…LOL so no bookie for frannie. I wish.

  28. Your library might be able to borrow them for you if they don't have them on the shelves.

  29. Your library might be able to borrow them for you if they don't have them on the shelves.

  30. My mom and I have even had luck asking the library to buy a book and then loan to us. 🙂

  31. check youtube for other videos with her.

  32. Oh, yeah — You can find Dr. Thompson's lecture videos on line too.

  33. bookmarked it. Thanks Lita. I apparently am getting great K2…Yay!

  34. Frannie Ford (and anyone interested) — Maybe this video by the author of The Calcium Lie 2 will explain it so well that you can save your $$ and not buy the book.

  35. K1 is in green leaf vegies and when fermented with the soil bacteria it produces K2. Grass grazing animals ferment the grasses in their gut by ingesting the soil bacteria. I eat Natto and get a shot of the bacteria and it ferments my salad and produces K2. My hens are free ranging and produce K2 eggs and their meat is K2 rich also. Grass fed beef and sheep and goats have rich Vit k2 in their meat too as you can imagine. Stomach fermentation~!

  36. But what do you mean by milk ice cream and cheese? Like from a grocery store? Younwant to get that stuff unpasteurized and direct from a farm

  37. Kidney stones= calcium excess. get a HTMA asap. Start changing your diet, supplements, and minimize D intake to correct deficiency only.

  38. Robert Thompson do you also do the HTMA consults?

  39. Bianca Craven..i have always read that unpasteurized milk etc is unhealthy cause of bacteria. Plz tag my name in your reply. Thnx.

  40. Frannie Ford – yes, he does.

  41. Have you tried urine therapy? It is a miracle for this.

  42. Dana Thrower…what is that?

  43. You don't wanna know whats urine therapy

  44. Rj

  45. That advice sounds backwards to me. Since your body is forming calcium-based stones, you probably have excess calcium in your body that your body can't use. Why would the doctors tell you to take MORE calcium? What you need is more magnesium and less calcium, so your body can draw calcium out of the stones as the stones shrink.

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