So much pain. What have I done wrong. Newly diagnosed


I just went out for lunch and had a mushroom steamed veg and rice noodle broth!!! So much pain. What have I done wrong. Newly diagnosed

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  1. Where did you go?

  2. That’s a shame I had the only thing GF on the menu when I went out for lunch with my husband yesterday. It was a mushroom risotto but luckily was very nice.

  3. Probably flour in the broth. Most broths, unless home made, have flour in them.

  4. Yea I was thinking the broth too. I hope you are feeling better.

  5. Most rice noodles aren’t gluten free unless stated:-/

  6. Pack your own food stay safe

  7. It’s hard eating out ! Have ask questions .. lots of them before tasting !

  8. So many possibilities….broth, noodles, cross contamination or possibly an ingredient that your body just can’t tolerate. As an example,seaweed products are very hard on the digestive tract

  9. Couldve been anything. Dont eat out u less you co firm a gluten free menu .

  10. Soy sauce? It has gluten

  11. Did you ask if it was a gluten free option? You’ll need to do that every time instead of just assume it was ok. Sounds like the broth had wheat in it

  12. Probably either the broth or it had some soy sauce for flavor

  13. Sounds like the broth had wheat in it to me too

  14. Cross contamination, someone never washed their hands before touching your plate or delivered a plate with gluten then accidentally touched yours…..wham….that is all it takes

  15. Soy sauce? Malt dextrin probably in the broth

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