So, why do most of you take Magnesium


So, why do most of you take Magnesium. I bet we all a lot of different reasons. For me it helps with leg cramps.

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  1. Sleep and muscle pain in neck

  2. For pain and some neurological issues, and for a peaceful sleep!!!

  3. Magnesium might be the best kept miracle secret!!!

  4. For muscle cramp,insomnia,and much more

  5. Exhaustion and fatigue… Depression… Digestion… My heart health…. Serotonin production… Magnesium is a precursor to serotonin production… improves bone density .. Protects me from arthritis… antiaging properties… Magnesium boosts dhea longevity hormone

  6. Psoriasis and morning sickness

  7. For fibromyalgia. I hope it can help long term

  8. Anxiety, depression, insomnia and restless legs

  9. To balance my calcium intake and redress deficiency, to make everything work better.

  10. Yes, leg and foot cramps and to help me sleep and I have found that since I have taken it, my 'ticky-tacky' tacycardia has settled down so much. It is very good for the heart

  11. Muscle cramps and spasms mainly

  12. Oh my gosh…my list is long. Started with bone spurs, tmj, migraines, depression and anxiety, heart palpitations and tachycardia, early frozen shoulder, and more. :/

  13. Heart issues

  14. heart palp, buzzing/vibrating in my brain (preseizure?) and dizziness – has nearly eliminated all after taking

  15. Leg pain, sleep, mental health.

  16. what mag do u take for dizzines

  17. Muscle tiredness

  18. RLS and allergic reations to all drinks except coffee and water.

  19. I was having severe body cramps that would have a sudden onset and take me right to the ground

  20. I have servere depressioin with suicidal thoughts, adhd, ptsd, sleep walking and talking, insomnia. magnesium helps all of those things. oh and i have lyme. Magnesium l theronate is my favorite for the mental parts. i rarely if ever feel suicidal anymore, nor do i sleep walk and my insomnia is better. Epsom salt is my favorite for lyme, i am considering adding more for lyme soon.

  21. migraines

  22. Anxiety

  23. Muscle spasms – that was the most noticeable benefit I felt from adding magnesium glycinate. I have degenerative disc disease in my neck (c6 – c7) that the neuro surgeon was ready to operate on and perform a fusion but so far I've reduced my pain to where I dont feel surgery is the answer at this time.

  24. I have to take a lot everyday or I get really bad leg cramps.

  25. Sleep, anxiety

  26. Debra Patriquin, what type and how much?

  27. I rub a small amount on my chest when my heart begins to race or beat a little harder than usual.

  28. I started taking it for shortness of breath, migraines, chronic pain, insomnia and tiredness. I'm still battling pain, but it's much reduced.

  29. To replenish after chelation therapy and because I have lyme that steals my mag for nefarious reasons. (To build biofilms)

  30. I am taking it because a friend brought me some Mag Chloride powder in a tiny packet from her native Bolivia. She said to mix it with a half gallon of H20 and that it would help with my Fibro and severe Arthritis. I did and was blown away with the results…game changer in my daily life. Then a couple years later I found this page and have learned more and more here. I also in the last year have experienced weakness, severe cramps and numbness in my legs and fasiculations…some are caused by structural issues in my spine but much has been lessened with the increased Mag intake I have started since finding this page and adding the Vit K and B complex..also the mag soaks…thanks to all who make this page possible…you are a incredibly patient lot with the daily repeats of the same ole questions by newcomers…we appreciate you greatly.

  31. For Anxiety Depression Panic Agrophobia SVT

  32. Heart palps muscle pain headaches and migraines

  33. Raynauds – its helped quite a bit! glycinate type

  34. I had a four month headache that no doctor could help me with. I found magnesium and within two weeks it was gone and I it helped with my tight muscles and aches and pains.

  35. I suffered 8 years of poor digestion, 3 years of intense emotional distress and 3 years of low-carb dieting. All of this left me depleted of everything and very sick. Along with the AIP diet, magnesium supplementation has brought me back to health. I no longer suffer from exhaustion, anxiety, depression, joint pain, eczema, acne, muscle cramping/twitching, hair loss, poor sleep or digestive problems. Wow, looking back on all this, my life was HELL!

  36. PVC's and PAC's. Works wonders. Knock on wood.

  37. Definitely restless leg syndrome, I get nervous when I am close to running out I worry that I will not have something to control my restless legs makes such a difference

  38. As I understand it we are all on Calcium overload (due to the push on dairy) and severely low on Magnesium due to the demineralization of soils. And most of us don't consume enough vegetables in general. According to PubMed "Magnesium is needed for more than 300 biochemical processes in the body".

  39. I am low in serum magnesium, have been for about 10 yrs now. Even on 1500 mg per day of presc mg I have only been able to bring it up close to low norm.

  40. My body turns into cement – if I don't

  41. Sleep, menopause really messed up my sleep cycle. Magnesium is the only thing I've found that helps.

  42. I use magnesium for foot cramps, acid in the stomach, Raynaud's phenomenon, helpful for candida issues.

  43. I just wish I could find an oral mag that didn't upset my tummy!

  44. muscle pain and stiffness. Sleep.

  45. Hot flashes and underarm deodorant.

  46. Which Mg is best for all problems, is pica magnesium good?

  47. Thank you very much

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