So why the adrenal cocktail? Why not just eat a banana?


So why the adrenal cocktail? Why not just eat a banana? There’s more potassium in a banana than a 1/4 tsp of cream of tartar…

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  1. And it feels more natural than cream of tartar too

  2. combination of vit c, salt, and potassium not just potassium…

  3. also easily absorbed into body to quickly be used by adrenal glands

  4. It's the vit. C and salt and potassium

  5. Bananas are not recommended by the owner of this group as they are high carb.

  6. What type of salt? I have mediterranean

  7. Because some of us have diet restrictions and can't eat the carbs of the banana without getting sick.

  8. Does it have to be 10 & 3? What about before bed

  9. lol so many questions .. the recipe is there .. and info is there .. there are some alternatives listed for people regarding the cocktail . Part of the groups protocol for a reason.

  10. Sorry, just asking……it's just wierd to me so I ask questions

  11. You don't have to use cream of tartar. I use coconut water, Celtic salt and a whole food vitamin C tablet.

  12. Ok thanks for the tip.

  13. So I can take the innate response whole food vitamin c tablet, the cot, and salt and still be fine for the AC?

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