Solid organic coconut oil and the liquid one?


Is there a difference between the solid organic coconut oil and the liquid one? As far as benefits?

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  1. If it's liquid and the temperature is below 25 I question if it's REAL Coconut oil in its complete spectrum

  2. There IS liquid coconut oil sold in bottles. Whole Foods among others carries it. There is also tasteless co and brands that do taste like coconuts.

  3. Wish you well and hope it helps 🙂

  4. Relatively ok actually.

  5. Moonfleet in Poole. Munro Hall in Bedford

  6. I go to London a lot but us it expensive to have them done

  7. Ok thank you

  8. I saw a guy in Poole , Dorset & I live in Essex. I can send you the two I was recommended & then maybe you can decide or they may refer to a colleague nearer to you 🙂

  9. no not in Ireland 🙁

  10. we dont have them here

  11. Oh ok. I had my Mercury (5) gulp removed this year. If one chooses to remove them then go for a holistic Dentist with a good all round approach 🙂

  12. white fillings in front and some im back of mouth not white

  13. Which fillings do you have ? It's a way of detoxifying and cleansing the mouth.
    Ionic toothbrush
    Tongue scraper
    Good natural floss
    Essential oil
    For good oral care and eating a clean diet.
    Excuse me one must add that is what I choose to do 🙂

  14. Does it take your fillings out ? I had started doing oil pulling but if it takes fillings out I better not keep doing it

  15. There are hundreds of different kind of coconuts. Some taste and smell strong, some have no taste and no smell. There are no rules that say that if it smell strong it is fake, or if it smells nothing it is fake.

    Depends also if coconuts were picked up ripe, half ripe or unripe.

  16. Evidently the people that say coconut oil tastes like coconut have never tasted it.

  17. Lara it's an interesting point – look at many cosmetic brands that advertise Coconut and they do smell great in a way – though minimal input of the real stuff.
    I also wondered why some oils taste SWEET ?
    My one is a 'Fermented' one where the separation part is worked on naturally , NO HEAT. It has a superior light flavour and aromatically too.

  18. if it has a strong flavor of coconut then it is processed i would think maybe has flavoring added .since the oil is pretty tasteless .

  19. Please have a look at my site , it's new.

  20. I've just recently after some time looking and with a great Freind of mine who has ME and is very sensitive to foods and sources only the best , least interfered with and more natural state, have my own.
    All I would say is that taking some form of coconut oil ( except RBD – 500ml tubs for few dollars stay away from ) is beneficial.

    "What you put on your skin , you should be able to put into your mouth , if you can't then don't put on your skin"

    If I was to have a massage I'd ask for it to be Virgin Coconut oil , why not get the best for yourself don't except anything less. If they can't then take your own along.

    "Upto 60% of what you put on your skin gets absorbed"

    You can store coconut oil anywhere really as where it's from as pointed out on here the temperature above 25 it will be liquid. Personally as long as out the sunlight.

  21. It's like most things in our modern western society made to make money & convienance with the most important factor not in mind the end user and its Nutritional value to them or health benefits.

  22. Fractionated coconut oil provides fractions of the whole oil so that its different fatty acids can be separated for specific uses. Lauric acid, a 12-carbon chain fatty acid, is often removed because of its high value for industrial and medical purposes.

  23. Yeah there isn't a solid and liquid form like your thinking, it just hardens in lower temperatures, unless your talking about coconut oil as the "solid"and coconut water as the "liquid"

  24. Wish it didn't taste like coconut.

  25. Thanks, darling Lucy Faith-Anne Wagner!

  26. It is not tasteless. It does taste like coconut but it's not overpowering

  27. But Yeah it should taste like Cocanut

  28. Good Gawd get rid of your microwave it bombardes your food with radiation and turns your food into poison. Ugh.

  29. Is it tasteless, Lucy. I don't like the taste of coconut.

  30. Unrefined unprocessed virgin Cocanut oil is best

  31. I get a giant tub of it at Costco for 13 dollars. It's called Carrington farms organic cold pressed unrefined coconut oil. I'll try and find a picture. Hang on…

  32. They have to add something to it to make it stay in liquid form. I would stick with the organic cold pressed UNREFINED coconut oil. I keep mine in the refrigerator. It is hard (solid) but if I am using it on a smoothie or my hair or skin, I put it in the microwave just for a few seconds to soften it so it mixes in better.

  33. Yeah, thanks Jane Jones! better stick with it, until we know more. I LOVE THIS GROUP!

  34. This is it, and I have no clue how they keep it from solidifying.

  35. Organic cold pressed is solid at room temperature. If yours isn't it has been worked over

  36. When you make the coconut oil fresh from the coconut meat it is liquid oil, it just solidifies when stored in lower temperature.

  37. Okay, thank you guys! They sell the liquid form at whole foods and more expensive. But easier to put in beverages.

  38. I do believe Ive seen what you're talking about. Stick with the solid organic. The less processed, the better.

  39. My organic oil is solid when its I the fridge and liquid when it is in a warm closet.i get mine from Trader Joe it is good quality.

  40. coconut oil is a solid at lower temperatures and liquid past 72 (room temperature) – not sure is there is a version that does not solidify

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