Some questions and observation on the protocol


Some questions and observation on the protocol
I started on Bee Pollen and got heart palps, stopped the Bee P the palps stopped – Q – what other natural B’s can be used
I am unable to give blood as i have had viral Hepaptitis in UK you are not welcome as a donor. Q, other suggestions?
I am using re-mag & re-myte. Epsom salt etc baths, NO Vit D, self treat for HypoThyroid. I use celtic sea salt.I want to use the Adrenal cocktail but with
most of what is in Innate Response I am intolerant to, am using exploring Acerola – any other suggestions. thank you

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  1. can i ask how your treating your hypo? i am borderline.

  2. Have you tried to go super slow introducing a few granules of bee pollen only at a time?

  3. i maybe went too fast – adding 1/2 tsp ? thanks will try again

  4. Twice now after taking bee pollen for a while, I have gotten very itchy eyes, so quit. I don't know whether it is a coincidence. Our air is very smoky at the moment. I don't use any makeup or skin care products.

  5. I am eating grass-fed beef liver twice a week for my B-vitamins, along with eating AIP…I do not tolerate B supplements and was reacting to the bee pollen. I can't tolerate yeast or rice…so rice bran and nutritional yeast are not choices for me.

  6. Hi Judy Thomson. I am sorry to hear that you are suffering and working so hard on the protocol around all of your issues. Would you be able to do the blood donations where your blood is drawn, but thrown out afterwards?

  7. Ok, I am not seeing any Advanced Allergy Therapeutics locations in the UK, but maybe you could find a clinic if you searched?

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