Somehow I keep getting glutened


Somehow I keep getting glutened. So, I have some questions for you lovely, amazing GF friends ❤
If I wash my dishes in the dishwasher are they getting cross contamination?
What kind of cutting board should I use and do I need to wash that separately?
Has anyone just made their whole family give up gluten? – My husband said to just get rid of everything with gluten, but I don’t think he truly understands what that means. Plus our daughter would flip lol.. she loves foods I can’t eat.
Thanks everyone!

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  1. I wash all my things with the rest of my families, I never have a problem and I have celiac. Cutting out gluten for the rest of your family, when they do not have a problem can create a problem with gluten for them. I was advised to keep my son eating everything so I don’t make him sensitive to gluten.

  2. Well I can’t really say about the dishwasher, But I did a total separation aside with I made the whole family go gluten free, .suspected items are not allowed in for any reason. Anybody wants to cheat will have to do it out. Cutting board are the most dangerous as they may collect Gluten within the cuts. You don’t have much choice but to totally separate it along side with other tools .This is the safest way..

  3. We made our home gluten free to keep me safe. Kids agreed to it. They eat gluten at school, restaurants, etc. I just do my. Eat to convert our favorite recipes to gluten free so we can enjoy.

  4. I have a five year old grand daughter with very high sensitivity, I cannot take any chances for cross contamination. Me and all others are old enough not to worry about becoming sensitive, after all we all can get gluten at work or,college or anywhere else but the kid cannot, the greatest worry now is her lunch and snack at fall. .

  5. If I’m cutting gluten items(bread etc) I use disposable things like paper plates or parchment paper.

  6. Thanks everyone

  7. Cutting out gluten from their diets from what I’ve read and what I understand will only cause noticeable problems in them if they have already had problems with it and it’s just not super noticeable. Or they may have symptoms that they thought were normal that really aren’t, just like before I went gluten free. Personally I think I would make my whole family go gluten free and if you ever go out to eat or have treats, they can have gluten ones but in the house I would think it would make things so much easier and safer if everyone was primarily gluten free.

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