Someone tell me about folic acid


Someone tell me about folic acid. I heard recently maybe I shouldn’t be taking this.

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  1. Nope. Folic Acid. See if you can watch episode 9. He really goes into detail about it.

  2. Tee, you have a lot to learn about folic acid…

  3. I disagree. I'll take the scientist advice of someone who speaks out on the natural cures for cancer over what you're saying. This dude spent 10 years testing Folic Acid. He knows more than you.

  4. Tee Vali , please read my previous post regarding my child born with neurological issues due to lack of Folate. Even during pregnancy physicians only prescribe 400IU of natural vitamins…Now, think of this..Daily Recommendations are 2000IU of essential nutrients and vitamins..Okay you say? Well, now you have 2 people in one body…Fact is pregnant women need at minimum 4000IU daily for support of both…math doesn't seem to add up huh…

  5. I'm sure he knows more than my Integrated Physician whom just diagnosed me after a year of illness and hell due to being chronically ill…my traditional physicians and or pharmaceutical/SCIENTIST couldn't get a diagnosis in over a year but this man did in two visits!! Scientist get paid to do whatever it takes to come up with something to "cure" people..NOT REALLY..They make un natural things to MASK symptoms! FYI..I really hope this "Scientist" spoke of Vitamin D then as well. Wanna know why? A person with cancerous cells needs to boost their Vitamin D levels to 80+ and cancer can no longer survive…Ask your buddy about that one. I guarantee you I KNOW what I am talking about! If you are unsure what an Integrated Medicine Physician is, Google is a fantastic option to find the definition to do a comparison. Hope everyone has a blessed day

  6. Watch the Quest for The Cures. You'll learn tons of what's causing disease. We as people mostly cause our own health problems. One the Quest for The Cures, interviewed over 50 conventional medically trained doctors, scientists, and cancer recovered patients using natural cures for cancer. All of which speak out about the dismal medical and healthcare system designed to 'treat' but never cure anything. Yes, they speak of vitamin D levels, etc.

  7. I have to laugh when you use the words "natural" and "folic acid" as if they are synonyms, Tee Vali

    But at the same time I am sad that you have been tricked into believing this crap.

  8. You probably still think Vitamin D is a vitamin. Lots to learn, my friend

  9. Interesting…I agree to an extent due to nothing being organic any longer as they use to be many moons ago, however, I'm assuming I made my own self sick with chronic illness and pain suddenly with an INHERITED GENE MUTATION?…Hmmm

  10. Tee, folic acid is not natural!!! It doesn't come from a plant or animal. It is created in a lab!

  11. Oh! Your physician will most likely prescribe Vitamin D2 with Fibromyalgia etc…oops! Vitamin D3 or as I like to refer to it My Sunshine…Get outside if you can daily without sunscreen for at least 45 min as it gets warmer weather

  12. I don't have time today to argue or debate. If you've been diagnosed with something, chances are you're still sleeping. Wake up.

  13. Oh Tee…..

  14. Vaccines (i.e., formaldehyde, Mercury, aluminum), cheerios, and pop tarts aren't natural, and I'm sure little Timmy already got a hearty dose of that garbage.

  15. Correct, and neither is folic acid

  16. I just looked at that video…they're talking about FULVIC Acid…not Folic Acid.

  17. I guess that's what happens when you hear something instead of reading it. Everyone's giblets are in an uproar over a wrong word. FULVIC Acid is used for detoxing.

  18. Mthfr use your brain and if you can't use Google..I'm sad for you and if you have sick family and loved ones! Ignorance is not healthy nor attractive. Obviously you didn't read correctly dear..if you need assistance let me reinterate that my diagnosis is INHERITED (meaning my gene mutation, I was born with in case you needed clarification on the definition of inherited) oh sweetie..I would just are really embarrassing yourself believe it or not. I will support anyone who needs it but I won't tolerate nor support ignorance and ones own lack of wanting to learn valuable knowledge. Oh..didn't want to leave out I usually go to bed around 2am and WAKE UP at 6:30am to get my kids to school and get my day started (all by myself)

  19. Rebecca Townsend, Thank you!

  20. Not sure who Timmy is but he probably should try to be more gluten free…shop at whole foods…just saying. That's just an opinion though.

  21. Ha! Rebecca! That's too funny. I knew Tee had a few things to learn. Sad to think there are probably others who watched that show and are misguided too (sigh)

  22. Knowledge is simply Bliss

  23. If you never heard of fulvic avid before, I am sure you would assume you heard folic acid.

  24. I have the transcript. I will take a look. Btw, many medical doctors recommend folic acid. They are behind the science and uneducated in regards to mthfr gene mutation. Folic acid is synthetic. Folate is natural.

  25. Emily Glidden Cohen. Do you vaccinate your children? Do you feed them the SAD diet?

  26. I teach ante natal and advise women to take folate not synthetic folic
    Many have been mislead

  27. Tee Vali this is from the transcript: Ty Bollinger: Talk about the relationship of fulvic acid in treating cancer.
    Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Oh okay very good. Fulvic acid is the end-product of decomposition of organic matter.
    Okay, as I think a compost, as-as compost breaks down, okay, it ends up in this black soil, okay.
    Fulvic Acid and Folic Acid are two completely different things. I know that if I had never heard of Fulvic Acid I would have assumed they were talking Folic acid as they sound alike.

  28. The above is taken from the transcript of The Quest for the Cures Continues. An extremely informative series on Cancer and natural methods.

  29. Folic acid also reduces the immune system by reducing NK cell activity. This is the opposite of what you'd want to happen generally and specifically in regards to cancer. See the study: Unmetabolized folic acid in plasma is associated with reduced natural killer cell cytotoxicity among postmenopausal women.

  30. Cheryl Wahlin. Awesome. Thanks for providing that. Would you be able to email that whole transcript to my fcbk email? I only watched the series when it was free. Haven't bought it yet.

  31. Cheryl Wahlin. Ha. They sure do sound alike. I thought he was saying Folic Acid. Lol

  32. Cheryl Wahlin, it's not just mthfr they are uneducated in..they simply learn pharmaceuticals instead of essential nutrients and vitamins. They are only required to take 1 semester out of 8 years of med school on essential nutrients and vitamins/what they can help aid in naturally dealing with illness.

  33. Maybe you won't be so quick to jump on people, Tee Vali in the future. No one was denying that the show you watched was wrong. Understand that it's important that you know what folic acid is (and isn't) before preaching about it.

  34. I agree Emily Glidden Cohen.

    I teach ante natal and women often contact me around 28 weeks when they have been taking synthetic folic for months.
    Its so sad.
    If I meet them early on I suggest folate but its not easy to tell them at 30/32 weeks incase I frighten them

  35. If I had taken the right method I may could have prevented my son from inheriting as much of the gene as he has and now struggles with numerous things just two specifically being severe ADHD and high functioning Asperger's…

  36. Annelie Scheire-Cabello in another conversation thread in this group, as a side note. So since I wanted to talk specifically about Folic acid I started another thread.

  37. Emily Glidden Cohen. You're the one jumping on me. 'I knew Tee had a few things to learn'. You say 'no one was denying that show you watched was wrong' but previously stated 'sad to think there are probably others who watched that show and are misguided'. You've already contradicted yourself. We just had a difference of opinions, that's all.

    BTW. You still never answered my question about vaccinating your children and feeding them the SAD diet. Reason being is you're talking a lot of 'natural' stuff. Just curious if your children ever received any unnatural vaccines and eat processed foods with synthetic vitamins?

  38. Tee Vali… I think you should back down gracefully. You are being confrontational.

    My 4 kids are not vaccinated, eat organic home foods, no fast food or soda.

    I had home births. Never took synthetic folic and had baby number 4 and 5 when I was 44 and 45 years old.

    I think most of us are agreeing that folate not folic is the thing to consider.

    Please let us all not fall out here? We have a great group here and I value what I learn and share ️

  39. all friends together

  40. Actually, it's FOLATE you should take. Not Folic acid.

  41. Tee, I recognize and appreciate your interest in health and seeking the best for all and happy to be in a support group with you and others who share that interest. I do however feel you are coming across a bit harsh with confrontation. Maybe not what you intended?

    I think we can all agree that Folic Acid is not that great component that the media tends to advertise. We should all be thankful that we are aware of its contradictions and support each other with growing knowledge of the like.

  42. Emily Glidden Cohen. Not intended to come across harsh. Was trying to prove a point. But, it sounded like you were also coming across mean spirited (i.e., you probably still think Vitamin D is a vitamin, Tee has a few things to learn, misguided). Geez. I'm all up for a debate, but if someone disagrees with you….lol watch out. Ha. All good tho. No worries.

  43. Just had my girl check our supplement. Its folate. Lol.

  44. Tee you should have paid more attention then this debate wouldn't have developed this way. Ignorance on folic acid is infuriating so who can blame the others for responding to you the way they did.

  45. Gotcha Annelie Scheire-Cabello. This has been a new supplement for me. Actually, I just learned of this as of late. I did the Gerson Therapy for 16 months and Folate was not a part of the program.

  46. Poor Tee Vali… I think we should leave you now. A learning curve for us all. We are all hear to learn, grow, support and feel well

  47. I understand but a quick search would've confirmed what the other ladies said mentioning folate. A couple days ago I mentioned folate and MTHFR in a infertility group, they had never heard of it, and they all jumped me claiming folic acid is the holy grail, that this 'folate thing' is just my personal opinion etc. Very sad.

  48. Ya see. Poor Tee Vali. Lol.

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