Sometimes I reread sentences in my head…


Can someone maybe try and help me?

Please don’t judge.

I’ve never told anyone this but I cannot find anything on google.

Sometimes I reread sentences in my head over and over because I don’t feel like I read them good enough, and that if I don’t reread it again something bad will happen (not sure what) so I keep redoing it.

Same thing at the gas station- I’m going to get bottled water, I scan all of them then go after the one in the back but I struggle picking on and eventually I have to pick a certain one or I fear something bad will happen. I contemplate getting a random one because it’s so weird to think grabbing the wrong water will do something to me, but then I get scared about what if I’m right so I get the one I’ve overanalyzed.

I get this weird feeling in my head while trying to concentrate… like a emptiness or also like something’s missing inside my brain like a chunk or something I feel like an air head to say the least.

Can anyone possibly help me or can anyone relate, thinking about contacting a neurologist.

This is embarrassing for me to post … so please don’t be rude.

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  1. I’m not a doctor, but have you googled OCD or add/ADHD to see if you recognize some of the symptoms? Most of your symptoms sound a lot like my son. Dont ever be embarrassed to ask for help, you have to take care of you. ? No one fights alone.

  2. Look up OCD

  3. I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child but got off medicine! I just feel like by my right temple something’s not right – like it’s a doggies I’m just unable to focus on it so I reread the sentences and it’s as if I’ve never even read the sentences in the first place

  4. I think you may have a physiological issue. I know that those kind of things are really common with severe OCD. I would definitely talk to your doctor about. No one here will be mean to you. We all struggle with our issues. Sometimes cognitive or behavioral therapy will improve your situation. ??, I know any “hidden” issues can be tough to live with!

  5. Don’t be embarrassed. Hormone imbalance can cause emotional and psychological \nDisturbance. Have your hormones checked – estrogen and progesterone cortisol

  6. I have had this since I was about 12 and was diagnosed with OCD. I feel like if I choose wrong, then there will be a butterfly effect in my life and something bad will happen. I don’t know what that bad thing is but in my mind it feels horrible. I would definitely get checked out. In my case it only got worse and became hard for me to leave my house.

  7. I have had this for about 30 years, anxiety and panic attacks. OCD is some of it, but it is the panic of what will happen if you do not do something a certain way. Using a distraction like you said will help a lot. Sometimes it is because I am stressed about something else and focus on things too much. I was once told I felt this way because I feared losing control so I tried to control every little thing, ocd. Hope this helps, it does get better when you can start to let go of the fear.

  8. I have dyslexia, together with the brain fog it makes reading a nightmare. I think that sometimes having physical problems can be exacerbated by psychological problems as we start to stress about them.
    I hope being able to discuss it has helped in some way xx

  9. Check into mineral supplements.

  10. Sounds like OCD mixed with anxiety.

  11. Are you getting adequate b12?

  12. I’ve had this problem as a result of my OCD. I reread things a lot, or I feel like something bad will happen. I check things multiple times, I count things, etc.

  13. I used to be like this in elementary school, very OCD and it kept progressing up until a point when it became such a heavy burden, I just couldn’t take it anymore. So I told myself I’m just gonna do everything opposite and I dont care what happens because I just cant live like that anymore. And nothing happened. I mean, yes, ofcourse bad things happened sometimes but they happened when I “did everythying right” too. So I just decided to use all of my willpower to ignore those urges. What helped me was to think of God. He is doing his best to protect me and nothing and noone is as powerful as him. I used to envision in my mind an angel making a shield around me and it would help me imensely. Even now after all these years when I feel afraid or anxiety or panick, I envision the same thing and it really calms me down in most wonderful way. Anyway, I dont know if its the same issue that you have but i do believe you can be helped ? just dont be affraid or embarassed to ask for it ? good luck!

  14. It sounds like anxiety or OCD. But definitely anxiety is involved.

  15. It sounds like you have OCD. There are treatments available including psychotherapy.

  16. I think it might be more of a psychiatric or a psychological problem. You have some anxiety for sure.. In my opinion I think you should set up an appointment with a psychiatrist it doesn’t hurt to get evaluated..if the psychiatrist thinks it’s more of a neuro issue they will let you know and refer you..

  17. I did the rereading and not feeling like I could focus or concentrate when my thyroid levels are off. Im in nursing school so I am constantly having to study and when my levels are off retaining information seems impossible.

  18. Sounds like OCD to me

  19. No mystery and very common. OCD. Go to your doctor before it gets worse.

  20. It does sound like OCD and there are ways to cope but you have to see someone. I have tendencies but not full blown. I’d definitely go see someone so you can learn how to handle it soon xo

  21. Without a doubt, OCD behavior. A psychologist/psychiatrist can help! Not sure where you live, but here in the NW ‘burbs of Chicago, one hospital has a very good program with a doctor that is committed to research on it.

  22. In my teen years and 20’s I had to count everything in my head. Eventually I started bcp which caused depression, so started antidepressants. The need to count stopped. This was the first time I realized it was a chemical imbalance that caused the counting. I’m no longer on antidepressants and still count, but am okay with it now

  23. Definitely OCD.

  24. Sounds like an anxiety disorder and OCD. There could be something going on inside your brain that is causing the thoughts that lead to the OCD behaviors. Maybe that weird feeling in your head is depersonalization . I would definitely see a neurologist and rule out that there is anything wrong inside. S/he may then refer you to a psychiatrist to get meds, if its a chemical imbalance and some talk therapy too. Sending hugs. You are brave for asking for help and there is definitely help out there for you. Its nothing to be ashamed of. Brains are organs just like any other organ in the body. Sometimes they get sick and need some help, just like seeking treatment for live problems, heart problems, whatever. No shame. I’m so proud of you for asking for help! That means you are ready to get better!!!!!

  25. Sorry you are having this… but don’t feel bad!! I’m that way with books as is my sister. We are both ADD and OCD, but she’s mid 50’s and I’m 60.. we’ve always been this way. My dad didn’t believe in doctors unless you were dying. So we learned to cope. My niece is the same way. I am on Paxil for back pain.. so I suppose it helps a bit. But I’ve never been bad enough to have to take medicine.. you know? But I have friends who do. Don’t feel crazy though.. it’s probably more common than you think, only people don’t say anything. I hope you can get some help.

  26. This is classic OCD

  27. Ocd is my guess

  28. Seems like OCD. I have OCD, sounds familiar to some things I do too. Also, could partially be brain fog for the concentration issues.

  29. Your the same as Me ive got OCD.Im on Luvox 100mg.very good drug and it helps with over thinking and anxiety along with depression. Never be afraid this is very real.My son and I both have this way of thinking, myself alot longer. But the luvox really helps.

  30. Marciana Roth I am sorry you have felt so isolated with this. I agree with the other recommendations. Make an appointment with the neurologist and a psychiatrist. Once they identify what is going on they will be able to help. Don’t ever feel bad for asking for help.

  31. First of all-there’s no such thing as normal-and you are very brace for asking for help-I have had anxiety issues my whole life-ADD-you don’t need a neurologist-you need a psychiatrist or s therapist-you may not necessarily need medication-but it may help. I’m an RN-2 kids-there are still bad days-but doesn’t not worry. There is hope-go to your primary-explain all of your symptoms and get some referrals-labs.-virtual hug.

  32. I did exactly this at one spell in my life. I think there may have been hormonal things happening. Definitely had anxiety in my life. For me at that time I ended up wondering what the point in living was and started forcing myself to read the Bible when my head started thinking things like you mention. (I even thought something bad would happen when I flushed the toilet. ) I eventually filled my head with the new testimony and Christian rock and drove it away. BUT I’m not saying something medical is not going on. Forcing myself to read through the anxiety and a trust in God helped. I do think I would have benefited from anxiety med too though. I wouldn’t be surprised if thyroid or other levels being off b12 or iron even making things worse.

  33. This is so me! I’ll have an urge to read something, but tell myself not to and tell myself that nothing will happen if I don’t. I’ll feel uneasy until I give in to reading whatever it is. If I feel I didn’t read it correctly or something inside me just doesn’t feel right I literally have to shake it off and start over. I have to be the last one in my house to check that the doors are locked and the oven is off and I must count 12345 (thats the knobs on the stove and the backdoor knob) and continue to say 5 until I check the last lock on front door. People have a superstition of not splitting a pole but for me I feel its not superstitious it’s simply because I don’t want anything to happen to that person because we took different paths. I need things to be lined up a certain way (I used to relate that to ocd behavior but now I do it because I forget so much lately that I need things to stay in the same place)

  34. I go through it too, 100%. It’s severe OCD

  35. Please do not ever feel embarrassed to ask a question or say how you feel. We are all human, we all struggle, and we all feel emotion. I hope you get the right answers that lead you to the help (self help or doctor help) that you need.

    I can promise you are not alone in this. We are here to support you and everyone.

  36. I had just read about Bill vitamins helping OCD issues. You are not alone a lot of people have these type of feelings.

  37. I was placed on celexa. It really does help me with that a lot. Here’s my very personal story; Shortly after my daughters birth (which was also when I began having health problems that were ultimately linked to Hashis) l was having these unreasonable yet intense fears multiple times a day and they became so frequent that I went to my daughter’s pediatrician (since many of these fears included harming my daughter) and allowed them to admit me to a mental health facility while my mom took guardianship of my daughter for three weeks. They first diagnosed me with post pardum psychosis but my then-new therapist changed it to severe OCD with intrusive thoughts because she said psychosis is when you can’t distinguish what is real vs what is not. I’ve tried other meds but I had side effects. But Celexa has taken the edge off of my depression and my OCD with thoughts and fears. My newest challenge is leaving a few dishes in the sink or things out of place without having them on my mind all day distracting me

  38. Guilty feels dumb as hell!

  39. You’ve developed OCD as coping mechanism for your anxiety.

  40. Anxiety disorder if some sort. Get a psych evaluation

  41. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Counseling and anti-anxiety medications will help, tremendously.

  42. Classic case of OCD join the club

  43. Have the same thing going on. Has improved as I clean my body. If you have not done this yet go and get allergy tested. Found out I am allergic to mold which is also causes brain fog. Best if luck and take your time.

  44. Good job For reaching out . Brave too .

  45. My husband does the same…its OCD

  46. Oh – you’re not alone Marciana! I do that w/ reading & several other things (i.e. w/ organizing & cleaning up at home!). I believe some of it may be hereditary or even more due to our own ways to comfort through certain types of trauma or harsh disciplines – if that makes any sense?! The feeling “empty in your head” feeling could be from being either allergic or intolerant to gluten, yeast or any other foods. It could also be due to a head or physical injury?! Somethings to comtemplate & get checked if you care to. I’m just speaking from my own experience . . . Hope that helps some?! Don’t give up though – there are answers and it is not “all in your head” my darling! Keep striving for your better health because you deserve it!! Best of blessings & luck!

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