Son has been having signs of magnesium deficiency


I have a couple of questions. My 11 year old son has been having signs of magnesium deficiency for years… usually pain in his arms and/or legs. I started giving him magnesium, and on most days that I gave it to him, he would not have pain. Sometimes he did, so I tried other forms and found that some worked better than others. The best ones that were working for a while were ionic plus L-Threonate. I gave that to him nightly and when I did, no pain. I stopped the ionic due to them discontinuing the one I liked (of course) and so he’s just on the L-threonate now, but I heard that another brand was better. I am looking into this. I’m very low income, so it has been a little difficult to shell out almost $50 a month just for magnesium.

His doctor became concerned with my heavy supplementation when I mentioned it at his visit, and ordered a serum magnesium test. I am not sure if this is the same one mentioned in the pinned post, the MG RBC? Well, she called me at home to tell me he was at the top of the range and that she thinks I should lower them. The range given was only 1.7-2.3. So he was at 2.3… which “warranted concern.” Is this the same test?

When she told me this, I was immediately confused because it seems that what I am giving him may not be going to the right place. Since the amount in the blood is not the same as in the bones… and since the bone amount is much more important to see if he is absorbing it right, then what is the best test for this? I asked her and she said only a very invasive test with like a bone puncture or something. Is this the only way? Or is there a specific test I can ask her for to see what is in his bones? I’ll save up to pay for it on my own if his insurance doesn’t cover… which it probably won’t.
I don’t want to o.d. him… but also need to make sure he is absorbing it. If not, I need another plan of action.

Any advice?
Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. Dear Jennifer,

    How old is your son?

    Have you considered magnesium chloride baths, adding 3 cups of magnesium chloride salt and 1/4 cup of borax?

    A serum test is not ideal.

    These labs are recommended…

    Best wishes


  2. Thank you so much! He's 11. He did great with Epsom salts baths, but where we live now does not have a bathtub. I do give him boron though, and he has been sleeping better when I give it to him.

  3. I added his age to the original post

  4. Could you do the foot bath then since no tub?

  5. How much does he weigh? How much mag was he taking? The whole bone puncture thing is rubbish. (Take it from an RN) You could ask for the labs mentioned above, esp. the mag RBC, but honestly – if he feels better with the magnesium/boron and worse without, I'd be comfortable considering that diagnostic enough to continue supplementing. If his pain levels improve with magnesium, he's absorbing it. If he starts to get loose bowels at some point, then that may be a sign of him getting too much.

    Another cheap and very effective way to get mag is to make some magnesium lotion for his arms and legs.

  6. Pain in arm and legs can be a sung if growing pains .something that's normal

  7. I would recommend your child has the recommended labs and perhaps consider this HTMA and consultation


  8. Co factors. Magnesium works best with cofactors. Don't be poking your kids bones to check for magnesium. He will poop it out, if his body can't use it. Don't over analyze this one thing.

  9. Other minerals? His body needs minerals as well. Mineral drops is one way. Bone pain non stop, not just during growth spurt can be symptoms of many possibilities. Lyme being one. I would get mineral in balance and meanwhile explore other possibilities. Occasional bone pain, during growth spurts is normal or common. My little had them, I had them, but only a few times a year, at most.

  10. I'm not talking about growth spurts. Growing pains is different my 16 year old has been having it first over a year

  11. I had growing pains as a kid and it wasn't normal as I was the only one of 5 siblings with pain. In my teens I started having problems with my thyroid and it wasn't figured out until I was 24 that I had hashimotos. Since then I have taken the best care of myself with the information I could find but as science continues to discover causes for conditions and disease, the old adage "it's normal" or "its growing pains" is outdated thinking. It's pretty much what conventional medicine tells you when they don't understand or don't care to understand. Conventional medicine is on average 17 years behind the scientific curve. Counting on that information is being dismissive to current easily accessible information to aid in pain management or pain elimination for your own child's well being. My son has pain? I give him magnesium, it ALWAYS helps. It doesn't harm him or give him strange side effects like many pain management medications can. We've known for years that the soil is magnesium (and any mineral or vitamin you can think of) depleted and crop rotation isn't consistent. Our children are getting thousands milligrams less magnesium in their diet than we did as children and that wasn't enough for my body then. So I'm willing to supplement where I can to aid in my child's pain relief and proper growth.

  12. Thank you everyone for all of the information!!

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