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“Sparkling Natural Mineral Water”…..which is best “natural” bottled spring water to buy in UK? I have been drinking “Badoit” sparkling water and feel unwell/tired/constipated after spells of drinking this and mixing with my Mag powder and other minerals. Reading the label/ingredients… seems high in calcium 153mg per litre and sodium 180 mg per litre and even has fluoride in it! Is this a no no, considering my overall intake of minerals with Celtic salt and Natural Calm Mag Chloride powder? Any suggestions for best bottled water?

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  1. MJ Hampstead?

  2. Just sparkling water


    Citrate undermines the Ferroxidase activity of Cp which is ESSENTIAL for scores of biological functions, not the least is regulating the use of Iron in the body… I'm just starting to assess this further, and will be writing a Post and Blog later re this…
    I've loooooong poo-pooed citrate as that molecule is irritating to the bowel. However, I've just recently come to learn how "D"evastating it is to Ceruloplasmin and its VITAL Ferroxidase activity. It's mind-numbing, truth be known.

  4. Could also be the magnesium citrate

  5. Good question Clare! I looked at a few bottled waters in the supermarkets and they all seemed to have high calcium content. Even our own Harrogate Spa Water has a high percentage of calcium.

  6. Helen….started to compile document of different types of sparkling water and their ingredients. Its amazing the differences in ratios of minerals. Read somewhere that Calcium ratio to Magnesium should be no more than 2:1 !! Vichy Catalan water says RDA for calcium is 1,000mg…so Badoit water doesn't seem too heavy on the calcium after all, you would have do drink lots and lots of it to reach RDA. Suppose it matters if you drink loads of it and have intake from other sources and have a Mag deficiency that makes "all" calcium in body toxic……its all so complex!! Worth considering though when choosing which water…..Vichy Cataln water seems to be the best for listing ingredients and telling you what RDA is….but it is the most expensive found whilst searching online, can't say I've ever seen it in shops/supermarkets. "One Water" sparkling spring water has 60mg calcium per litre : 7.7mg magnesium per litre – "Willow spring water has 100mg calcium per litre : 14.5mg per litre magnesium…so its worth checking labels.

  7. Is there a reason not to drink the tap water?

  8. It was really a question for the UK groupies!…..anybody else with interest/experience of good sparkling water that has a good calcium:mag ratio and free from anything added?? I like/prefer the taste of sparkling water and started to wonder about the ingredients re calcium content & ratio and reading that calcium in the body is toxic if you have high levels or if you have a magnesium deficiency.

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