Specific potassium supplement you guys recommend?


So I’m finding it a little pricey to get my potassium from foods alone so is there a specific potassium supplement you guys recommend? I looked at my grocery store and they only had potassium gluconate. Is that the standard form to get potassium in? I know there are several forms of mag so I wasn’t sure if it was the same for potassium. I want to start the adrenal cocktail but I’m a little scared to because I’ve noticed a few people who have said it gave them a bit of anxiety and I’m currently doing the mag and b complex supplements to try to get rid of my terrible anxiety and panic attacks. I don’t want to do something that may give me anxiety which will just make the panic attacks come back

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  1. Doesn't the adrenal cocktail provide the needed balance of potassium?

  2. If you don't get the cocktail, the anxiety will come back. Small doses of potassium gluconate throughout the day is ok too (in addition to the cocktail).

  3. When you do start the cocktail, it's recommended to start with 1/2 the dose the first time or two, to allow your body time to adjust.

  4. Have an organic banana and or a glass of coconut water, but to keep things in balance add sea salt to your food.

  5. Potassium supplements (besides tar tar stuff)seem to be low in potency. .. consider more white beans, dried apricot, avacado

  6. I have been feeling pretty good so far with just the mag an b's but I've noticed that my body is very sore and I'm very tired now which reminds me of how I felt when I was given potassium by the er doctors because I was hypokalemic. So aside from eating tons of avacados and other high potassium foods I'm not getting enough it seems. Pardon me from sounding silly but I've got anxiety so bad that I'm afraid to try the cocktail because I've seen others say it caused a bit of anxiety at the beginning and I seriously can't handle another panic attack or in gonna check myself in somewhere cause I'm going to break. I want to get past all of this and start feeling completely better and I know it will take time. Can I start the adrenal cocktail by doing it once a day until I get acclimated to how it makes me feel or is it a case of I have to do it twice a day? I'm sorry for asking such silly questions I know a lot of you have answered similar questions a million times but I need to tackle this terrible anxiety and panic attacks so I can get working on all of my MS symptoms as well. Thanks so much for being so helpful and understanding.

  7. I do only use sea salt and have for years now in cooking and I actually take pink Himalayan salt with lemon juice for migraines so I definitely get enough sodium. I'm just concerned with my potassium because I feel like I'm not getting enough.

  8. The cream of tartar in the adrenal cocktail supplies the potassium. That stuff is dirt cheap compared to most supplements. I don't find it difficult to drink. I take (hope this is right) 4 ozs. fresh OJ + 1/4 tsp. each cream of tartar & Celtic sea salt.

  9. Why is it pricey to get potassium from food? You have to eat something. Cheap food is our problem. High fructose corn syrup is cheap. I am having a great time shopping at the farmer's market this summer. I noticed that the prices are cheaper than the supermarket, and most people say they do not use chemicals, even though they may not have the "organic" certification, so I consider it organic food for the most part. 🙂

  10. By the way, I am eating a high potassium diet right now, which for a few weeks has been almost no sugar. I don't have any cravings and avoid being hungry by having snacks. So I figure I am saving money by not eating non-nutritious food as a recreation. Today I had a few Costco cashew clusters (they have a little sugar) and right away I was craving food. Before I got on the bandwagon I was buying at least one fast food meal a day. That $8.50 can buy a lot of good food. 🙂

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