I’m looking for supplements and was going to buy dessicated beef liver for b12 but then I read this “Rich in vitamins, especially B12 and E, minerals, amino acids and enzymes” about Stakich SPANISH BEE POLLEN GRANULES. So would taking this particular brand be sufficient for all B vitamins?

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  1. Unless it is fortified with a synthetic, there are only trace amounts of B12 in bee pollen, so no, definitely not enough. And if it is fortified (check the actual ingredients), I wouldn't recommend that brand.

  2. Stakich is the preferred bee pollen in the group. Right MJ Hampstead??

  3. It could be (I have tried bee pollen several times but don't do well with it), but it doesn't contain more than trace amounts of B12. I checked the label and it isn't fortified, but you will need to get your B12 elsewhere.

  4. I have just sent them an email so hopefully someone can confirm the b12 status of their Spanish and American bee pollen granules.

  5. Thank you for answering my question and soon, hopefully, we'll get confirmation from Stakich!

  6. There is not enough B12 in bee pollen and that is why beef liver is recommended along with bee pollen.

  7. Only beef liver, or is veal ok?

  8. How do you know if you are getting enough of each nutrient/mineral your body needs? I have gone off my multi and currently only do Celtic salt in my water and Mag oil spray. I think I may have a b12 deficiency now as I have been having some dizziness. I have tried to start slow as to not be overwhelmed by this protocol.

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