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For those of you who are gluten intolerant, have you had any issues taking Standard Process Wheat Germ Oil? It’s been recommended for my son (we just received his HTMA results and recommendations). Their website says gluten free, but I guess I’m a little concerned about starting him on it since it’s derived from wheat.

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  1. I don't understand this one. How could it be gluten free if it's from wheat? Many of their products contain oats and are not GF.

  2. I also just received my htma results and it is recommended too. I have celiac disease and definitely won t take it. I already supplement with a vit E supplement.

  3. If they harvest BEFORE wheat sprouts they can call it gluten free.. eeks

  4. So, I wonder if there are any other whole food vitamin e suggestions?

  5. It also depends on the variety of wheat they use. There are certain varieties that don't cause a gluten reaction.

  6. I wouldn't risk it. Are there any other options?

  7. I hope so! The garden of life vitamin e, listed above, would be great, but he reacts to some of the ingredients, so that's out for us too. 🙁

  8. I would not take it.

  9. Many people on a gluten free diet may actually react to other proteins in wheat, or may react to gluten AND other wheat proteins.

  10. I have antibodies to gluten and gliaden and gluten and casein act as opioids in my brain. I also have antibodies to my own tissues because of gluten.

  11. Have you asked Morley Robbins specifically what he would suggest for your son?

  12. Keep same diet, add the wheat germ oil. Watch for 4 days. If no reaction it's most likely safe for him to take.

  13. If you google wheat germ oil, and gluten intolerance etc. In my searches it says not to consume it. I was gluten free for 6 months, I started taking the wheat germ oil and noticed side effects for me. So I am looking for an alternative. MJ recommended Cold pressed sesame oil instead.

  14. what to do? I was going to order wheat germ oil but I am gluten intolerant….sigh

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