Stay away from the gluten free bread and pastrie


I have a question , I just recently got diagnosed and one of my doctors told me to stay away from the gf bread and pastries as they were really bad for your health.

Have any of your doctors said this ?

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  1. No, but I usually don’t feel good whenever I eat “gluten free” packaged foods. I just try to naturally be gluten free- rice, lots of veggies, fruits, quinoa, etc

  2. Just like for non-celiacs, convenience foods aren’t necessarily good for us. Many gluten-free breads contain gluten substitutes (various starches, sugars, palm oils, etc.) that are just as bad for our our health. Look at the ingredients list. I only buy gluten free bread that uses whole food ingredients (brown rice, eggs, water, cornstarch – not powders, starches and preservatives). If you can’t find an locally, you can make your own bread as well.

  3. Never heard of that. Probably because they contain more stuff to make them taste good.

  4. When I received my dx in February my hubs went to the store to find my comfort foods. One of which is pretzels. The bag he bought was gf, but it had so much salt in it that I felt like I was eating a salt brick. It was disgusting. What the manufacturers take out to make it “safe” for us they add more in that is unsafe.

  5. Bread always causes me problems.

  6. I’m finding all premade, prepackaged gluten free foods are all absolutely terrible for you.

  7. It’s very true.

  8. They have more fat and sugars. I gained weight eating processed gf foods. I try to go natural too.

  9. I figured it out on my own. The sweet wheat flour is exchanged for gf flours that lack sweetness so sugar is added…ALOT!

  10. I have been gf for 17 years. Many of these products weren’t available, so I still purchase very few. I have relied on naturally gf foods. I practice moderation and try not to eat foods with ingredients I can’t pronounce.

  11. Wtf are doctors on.omg

  12. So your doctor basically kicked you out on your butt and left you wondering.

    Strange, how we, as celiac sufferers, know more about this disease than DOCTORS do. Funny… real funny.

    And irritates me. Horribly.

  13. Only thing I can think of is the amount of rice starches you’d be consuming. If you eat alot of rice as it is. ..most gf breads base flour is rice flour at which point the arsenic levels can increase dramatically. Anyone who consumes alot of rice and rice products should watch your arsenic levels. Arsenic is used as a herbicide/pesticide in rice paddies.

  14. If you were diagnosed with celiac, then the real point is that the “gluten free” label is misleading. It does not mean FREE OF GLUTEN. It means, according to the law, it has a small amount of gluten that the government in conjunction with pressure from food manufacturers has decided is a “safe” level. Most celiacs stay sick until they eliminate these things because any amount is dangerous.

  15. Mine said keep in moderation due to high calorie

  16. Gluten free processed breads, etc have a higher glycemic index than wheat

  17. It depends on the gf products I think.

  18. The xanthan gum in gf foods causes diarrhea

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