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I have a few questions… Any reason why this supplement below would give me headaches? I was taking it daily and was getting weird headaches. I stopped it and the headaches are gone. Not sure if that’s what it was but the timeline fits. I know I need b6 but I’ve read some negative things about high doses of b6. So is it absolutely necessary to get it in supplement form? Right now I’m taking Jarrow Methyl B12 and coenzymated B2 (I got cracks in the corners of my mouth after stopping the b complex and read it was a b2 deficiency and sure enough, when I started taking B2 it got better). I like the Jarrow B12 but sometimes it gives me a weird taste in my mouth for hours after I take it. Anyone else have that issue? I’m not having headaches with b12 or b2… So I’m wondering what it might be in the b complex that was causing them…. (Or was it a coincidence?)

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  1. Because you probably have a mutation that doesn't do well with methyl donors

  2. Have you looked at the ingredients? Sometimes artificial ingredients in vitamins can cause unwanted side effects.

  3. B's should be taken in a complex only. Bee pollen is recommended here. Liver or undefatted liver pills for your B12.

  4. I agree with a mutation causing you to not tolerate methyl donors

  5. So, if it's the methylated vitamins, what should I take? I know Thorne is a good brand and I have a whole unopened bottle… Maybe my husband can take them.

  6. This conversation makes my head ache.

  7. I take this with no issues.
    Seeking Health B-Minus | Provides Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Pantothenic Acid, Biotin | Free of B12 and Folate | Non-GMO | Physician Formulated | 100 Vegetarian Capsules |Seeking Health

  8. We get plenty of B6 in foods.

  9. So, if I were to get tested for these mutations some day… How do you go about that?

  10. B6 won't be a problem at normal B-complex daily doses. I don't see contents or doses to worry about on that label.

  11. Most threads in this group are way over my head. I wish I had the money to pay someone to tell me what to do.

  12. In another group it lists one of the ingredients in this bottle as a bad filler.

  13. It's prob the methylfolate. Headaches are a classic sign of too much too fast.

  14. ^ More than likely, I use the Thorne methyl guard plus and basic b complex. I started on two of each once a day. Turned out to be too much, as I got strange sensations in my head. So I dropped the dose until it went.

  15. It could be the Niacin..

  16. For the seizures, we found that mag malate was helpful along with the B vitamins

  17. And for anyone curious to give me advice, correction… The only mag I take right now is Mag Malate by Source Naturals. I also take Carlson's cod liver oil and Pureradience whole foods vit c. Again, were on a limited budget so… I probably spend more on supplements than I should.

  18. I wonder if it could be the fillers in the product. I looked up the label. I did not recognize any of them.

  19. You might do better with fewer methyls, or a maybe hydroxy or adenosyl b12 instead of methyl b12. How many are you taking? I'd start low and slow. My dd couldn't handle the stress b because of the methyls – she got an instant headache- but does ok now on basic b complex but not more than one at a time.

  20. B vitamins are known to detox the bad stuff from our bodies. B vitamins need to be started slowly and work your way up to a full dose after a month or more. Empty out part of capsule or break pills. And drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins.

  21. Without seeing the actual label with ingredients it's hard to answer. Bs come in different forms (methylated, nonmethylated). I seem to recall having issues with this one maybe myself. It's possible that you need different forms. Have you had genetic testing? This group actually recommends trying to get Bs from food like Bee Pollen and grass feed beef liver.

  22. I have same brand and don't do well with it. Try taking niacin when this happens, it is like a methyl sponge and will eliminate symptoms related to over methylation.

  23. I take life extension p5p (activated form of b6) it helps with dream recall and I only take it as needed.

  24. Methyl folate is critical for detox but yoo much too fast will cause headaches. B6 with zinc cause copper elimination Which can cause headaches and numbness and nausea and many other symptoms. Bee pollen, rice bran flakes, unfortified nutritional yeast are all great sources of B complex. Liver also has great B vitamins. I still can't take a B only complex. And my MTHFR snp requires methyl version or food. Synthetic b vitamins make me tired and sick. Get tested to find out iron status, copper, zinc, ceruloplasmin and Maggie status.

  25. Crystal Chandler Joplin what do your weird headaches feel like?????? I get weird headaches too………

  26. Kinda agree with Lori. I used to get very sick from B vitamins (especially B-6). Now I am fine taking it. But another thought is too many catecholamines at once. If this is the case, I've found Niacin to help the headache.

  27. I was into week 2 of taking thorns b complex when I started getting Shakey in the mornings around 10 ish. I stopped taking them the past two days and it stopped. I think it's either this or the spirulina but I believe it's the b. Turns is an excellent brand.

  28. Could be OVERmethylated.

  29. I have been taking this exact one for over a year and no issues BUT I have mthfr and I take 5mth folate with it

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