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Can stress cause a flare up that resembles flu like symptoms? Took a hard test today, just barely passed, then started getting headache/neck pain 103 fever and chills. Went to urgent care and they ruled out UTI, strep, and said probably a mild case of the flu or something viral. No chance of bacterial infection. Didn’t give a flu test and just gave me an antibiotic (that I’m allergic to!!) is this something that could be hashimotos related? They never addressed my hashimotos at all. Or do you think I just have the flu and the doctor is dumb. I didn’t get a flu shot this year but never do.

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  1. Probably just something going around.

  2. Never had fever with hashi symptoms.

  3. Stress can affect thyroid n adrenals they work together ….do you have any other symptoms light hurts eyes n heart races n light headed n winded when walk up stairs or chokey feeling ….adrenals causes all but chokey feeling n it slows down thyroid my cortisol high all day bc stress n other meds took when had bronchitis steroids n bactrim but i had adrenals before n it was very similar n does belly hurt or change in bowel movements

  4. They say adrenals can cause fever but back ache n vomitting n belly ache n sweats n chills

  5. Adrenals, really?

  6. Not everything has to do with adrenals.

  7. Thyroid wasnt diagnosed til years of sickness each stage diff wake up first sweating heart racing pee stomach pain n vomitting n then bowel movents n er …but it go away n after my bro had bad cholesterol n bad thyroid i ask dr check mine it was but dr gave meds i kept loosing weight n feeling sick off n on the 17 years 4 years ago i got hypothyroid not stablize me n last year specialist say hashi this year i find out its my adrenals from stress n they can actually cause auto immune disease hashimoto n they control blood pressure n blood sugar n sleep n adrenaline n energy n thyroid so i have been reading up on adrenals they work hand n hand w thyroid n have heal adrenals n then work on hashi if had known that not be this sick ….my mom has it n my bro …but she didnt know stress raises cortisol

  8. When u get really sick you do your research ever had adrenal problems bc if you had you do tell ppl get theirs checks with saliva test it can help you become educated …

  9. I asked her symptoms if you cant have sum thing positive to say at least do your research its called a support group i just asked her symptoms….bc sum ppl can offer advice n support from their experiences

  10. Y’all, come on. We’re all in this together. ♡

  11. Im just trying offer questions n sum of my experiences i wish sum one would have help me cause i was sick long time n no support ….its all diff for everyone so we offer our experiences to see who else feels that way n things try to help…not everyone has adrenal issues but stress causes them n i offer my experience bc i researched it six months i been sick now

  12. There are such things as viruses and bacterial infections. Not everything has to do with Hashimoto’s and adrenals.

  13. If u ever hae the adrenal thing youd believe in it bc its high or low cortisol levels n ita not a thing n it can cause addissons ….jusr like sum ppl didnt believe in the hashi thing really should do research before you make such uneducated remarks im sure lotta ppl on here with the adrenal thing feel differently than you….support groups say positive help ….what if its not flu or bacteria helps to be imformed …a saliva test help inform me mine was high n i almost died…guess that wasnt a thing to me

  14. Yes Erica Riggs it could be flu if you dont get better keep track of your symptoms n could be stress n food allergies i been sick long time n my advice research n keep track n ask questions xoxo

  15. Could also be hashi n thyroid we never know …good luck

  16. You said adrenals really? N not all stuff is adrenals n you dont believe in that which part was supportive did u ask her symptoms no u just reply to what i said n did i say no its not just sum thing going around n it proly aint the flu i never even spoke to u

  17. I have hashi n adrenals n i read they work together duh my antibodies are 1000…u can have more than one problem google what adrenals do…they slow down thyroid n can cause autoimmune hashi see while u havent had these problems others have n sum even informed me

  18. I spent six months with 1000 antibodies n sick n thyroiditis n heart racing plus ton others …so i have been researching every day til i found stuff out i didnt know n other ppl on here w adrenal issues describe to me their problems we exchange things we try n help w hashi n adrenals n thats how i know few things …i wasnt trying get adrenal support in hashi group just inform others they say when one is running bad other is affected like drs said

  19. My Hashimoto’s is hereditary. I do not have adrenal issues. I have a really good doctor, so I do not need you to tell me about my disease.

  20. So is mine but everyones is different sorry you are not educated bout how thyroid or adrenals work …maybe u should be but youre all good with your dr…so when i reply its not to u then is it so dont feel need to reply to me

  21. And i dont need to tell me about my hashimoto or adrenals

  22. Sorry Erica Riggs i was asking symptoms n trying help thats what we all do if youre still sick in few days id ask dr n research stuff thats how we learn by help from others pm me bc im done with this support argument ….wanted to help not debate ppl who dont need help n have all answers they need for their diseases

  23. Sounds viral to me and with your antibodies so high, maybe you need to have a scan if thyroid to see if more is going on than Hashimoto’s Mine are just 103 right now, big difference. I’ve never had thyroid scan. Endo dr would just feel my neck and say nope and other Drs went by lab and adjusted medicine. My naturopathic has me on other thyroid supplements too.

  24. Sounds like a regular virus. I doubt it has anything at all to do with thyroid disease. Get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids.

  25. You have a virus. Rest and push fluids. Feel better.

  26. Whenever I am under stress everything hits me hard. Hashi is an autoimmune disease and stress is a trigger that allows it to strike hard. My joints ache more than usual my body temp increases I get chills and all I want to do is sleep. I get a hormonal surge or rage Once the stress resolves my body goes back to normal.

  27. 103 fever would be a good indicator that you have a virus. Hope you are feeling better real soon! Get some rest 🙂

  28. Most dr don’t understand hashi so it’s never addressed.

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