Struggling to find the right mag for me…


Struggling to find the right mag for me….. mag glycinate gives me horrid heartburn/acid reflux. A week into jigsaw mag srt and I’m feeling tingly face like when I get too much b6. Natural calm I can tolerate a half dose. Epsom salt or ancient minerals mag flakes I tolerate fine as well as the mag oil despite skin tingling sensation. Should I just rely on skin absorption? Have another recommendation?

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  1. How did you take the mag glycinate? With food? 1 cap or tab?
    There are whole food forms like Grown By Nature
    You can make magnesium water
    Angstrom magnesium is another form that may work

  2. I took sometimes with food, sometimes without. Was taking 4 caps pm and 2am and after baby was born 5 weeks ago cut to just four caps daily.

  3. What about the malate without the b vitamins added?

  4. Mag oxide and mag bicarbonate (mag water from the files) are other options.

  5. I had reactions to those forms, too, Meghan Swann. Finally found a good fit with trace minerals. The following are recommended by Morley Robbins: ReMag; Concentrace by Trace Minerals Research; Aussie Sea minerals; Anderson's mineral drops.

  6. Add Magnesium-rich foods to your diet, too.

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