Successfully filed and got disability?


Hello guys, anybody here successfully filed and got disability for your Hashis’s

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  1. Dean Brockner

  2. Not completely. I got 4 days a month for disability. I had to fight to get that and it's only for 3 months.

  3. It likely will be difficult to get. Just like with any disability. Most have to have more than one thing wrong. I know someone who got it for Lupus, fibromyalgia and migraines but it took a while to get it.

  4. Hashi's on its own is not considered disabling.

  5. I filed in June and I'm still waiting. I called last week they stated they are still reviewing my medical files.

  6. Great question I was wandering the same thing.

  7. I've asked this as well. It seems to be invisible

  8. In on my third appeal and I have hashi's, fibro, anxietyand depression and also memoryloss do to having seizures. And I'm still fighting

  9. I get 5 days a month for migraines and anxiety combined but I have to use vacation days or take them as unpaid, hashis by itself isn't considered a disability

  10. Where I live they use a points system for disability and Hashimoto's alone only counts for less than 10 points out of a possible 100.

  11. I was wondering that too! On top of I also lost all of my parathyroids during my thyroidectomy. I've had ER visits a few times because of my calcium dropping so quickly. My Hashimoto's and Hypothyroidism has
    Never been stable. I don't see why it couldn't! I know someone who got full disability for being bipolar!!! I'm bipolar too and never even thought that would count!

  12. No. Would never think to even try.

  13. No, because I am not disabled and it is not a disability.

  14. It's not a disability

  15. I have never viewed myself as disabled, on top of the hashi's I also have thyroid cancer, diabetes and several other ailments. I think a lot of it has to do with mind over matter. I've never considered applying for disability. I am not disabled

  16. Agree, Hashi itself is not a disability, but some folks have other issues along with Hashi and it magnifies the unwanted effects, some folks are sporting TSH levels in the 300 range, they can't get it controlled, I think everyone is different..and yes there are people on disability for Hashi, Graves, Lupus, Cushings, RA, some of us are fortunate(NOT) to have other issues to make MR Hashi happy…don't judge, you have no idea what another person's struggle is…..

  17. I have other more serious health problems ( multiple mylenoma) intestine problems and chronic migraines I never would think of myself as disabled nor would I apply for disability. I just keep moving forward one day at a time. I owe myself and my family to be a positive person . I don't feel good everyday . I work a full time job and do what I got to do . Some times I feel like I literally might die . Getting disability has never crossed my mind .

  18. I agree Hashi's is not a disability, But I have suffered for many years I've pushed though life everyday. I also have suffered from migraines ( at 6 years old I would have 4-6 a week), when first diagnosed 20 years ago I was hyperthyroidism and a year ago hypo w/ hashi and fibromyalgia, seizures w/severe memory loss ( Dr is tossing the idea of revoking my license) I don't sleep, I don't eat ( loss 20 lbs in year) was diagnosed w/ concealed depression and also anxiety. I wish I could keep Woking I've been at my job 12 years I love my job and the thought of not going to work scares the HELL out of me. My job is one ofb my last bit of enjoyment besides my family I have in life. I thought this group was some place to go to with out judgement. So please be kind. Prayers for all of you

  19. Following

  20. I dont think Hashimotos should qualify for disability and I will tell why.
    Its a manageable disease.

  21. For those on this thread that don't think it's a disability or have mild symptoms this isn't the conversation for you. I've had this for 20 years. At 25 I had it worked two jobs and had 4 babies.
    I'm 44 now and working one job is taxing. My symptoms are horrible. Don't tell others how their bodies are going to or should react.

  22. Agreed. I felt like crap for over 10 years and suffered from:
    Severe non functioning depression
    Pre diabetes
    Debilitating fatigue
    Joint pain
    Bone pain
    Positive ANA
    Elevated liver enzymes
    Heart palps…and my thyroid nodules arr undetectable now

    All my symptoms are 100% GONE Thanks to AIP Diet, intermittent fasting and bifidus probiotics.
    And CORRECT thyroid meds.

  23. I'd say if your symptoms are debilitating then yes it's worth trying

  24. Easiest way to get it is say you are a drug addict

  25. I wish. I can't work!! I had to quit my career job and tried part time and still couldn't handle it. I want to work.

  26. Y'all are a little ridiculous debating the definition of disabled. Everyone has a different journey. If your Hashis gives you RA so badly you can't get out of bed…. well, what the hell would you call that? Certainly not an able bodied individual, eh?

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