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A question for the ladies that may suffer with or may have previously suffered with heavy monthly flow… How long doing this protocol before you noticed any change for the better? I started the protocol in May, also recently took myomin (Chinese herb) & serrapeptase for 3 months with no change. Also recently had 3 sessions of acupuncture with no change. I do have 2 x calcified fibroids. Is there anyone who may be able to give any advice?

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  1. Have you donated blood? Your body is most likely trying to rid itself of excess iron.

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  2. After giving blood 4x i now have a very normal monthly flow as opposed to extremely heavy. Sadly my gp and gyno persuaded me to have a mirena 4 years ago for this reason. I had it out about 8 months ago and got straight into donating blood. My ferritin had reached 300 whilst having mirena in and having no periods. First few after mirena were really heavy b4 getting rid of blood.

  3. Are you doing ceruloplasmin protocol? Copper imbalance, too much bad unbound copper can cause menstrual issues.

  4. If you have fibroids you should seek out a good gynaecologist. Fibroids can turn cancerous.
    Losing all that blood is not good for you. Fibroids are formed by too much oestrogen.
    I had awful blood loss in my early forties and was so much better after their surgical removal, the fibroid was very large, the size of a grapefruit.
    10years later I had two more smaller ones removed.
    You can still concentrate on the protocol but I doubt your present fibroids will disappear, although you may be more healthy.
    As one gets older the probability of fibroids lessens significantly.

  5. I have different information from Brenda as I have just been to the consultant and I was told fibroids won't convert into cancer, so different opinions here. I have fibroids too and very heavy monthlies, but I have decided with the Drs to ride it out instead of operations. The protocol has helped me immensely, my ferritin still 6 but I feel really well not ill as before I started so yes protocol does help.

  6. My heavy flow was due to excess estrogen. I saw a naturopath & she made up herbal drops & my cycles went from virtual irregular & haemorraghing to normal & regular.

    I used to have regular & normal but I had chronic stress over many years which affected adrenals & I ended up with hashimotos. Dr's kept telling me that nothing was wrong. So I had no choice but to see a naturopath. Then I came across an integrative dr who treated adrenals & put me on thyroid meds, plus added DIM to aid estrogen metabolism. It uses indoles from cruciferous vegetables.

    With sorting out all my health issues, my problems were resolved. I lost so much blood that I don't know how I managed to go to work. After breakfast I couldn't even walk from my kitchen to bedroom without laying down on my sofa to regain enough energy just to be able to get dressed.

  7. Inositol is required for processing estrogen. Check your inositol level with the scent test as long as it is a single nutrient with no other main ingredients. It may be imbalance with progesterone too. It can decline up to ten years before estrogen flatlines. Surgery for people with inflammation/nutritional issues poses risks of adhesions which can cause lifelong pain and dysfunction. People have to decide for themselves.

  8. Donate blood

  9. I found the protocol enormously helpful for PMS symptoms and reduction in cramps (I have endometriosis and fibroids) within a couple of months. For me I think the key was B vitamins (beef liver really helped). I see you're already doing that

    Blood loss hasn't improved yet but I've been up and down with the protocol the last year.

    Aside to this, you may be interested in looking into fasting – I've just started but last month I fasted for 3 days and didn't get a single period cramp coincidence? Possibly…

    Fasting is an ultra rapid way to let the body heal itself. There have been cases where even tumours are "eaten" by the body – a process call autophagy.

    Lots of ladies are fasting to help heal menstrual issues although of course root cause protocol is amazing – you may want to consider it to help too?

  10. I was just reading about the benefits of Castor oil packs and fibroids. You may want to check it out. Getting bio available copper via Cp up will increase the body's ability to unlock stored iron and bring estrogen down.

  11. My periods have gotten worse and worse even with the protocol. I can't donate blood (mad cow, lived in England in 80s). I'm actually having ablation next week.

  12. Did your naturopath do saliva hormone testing or a DUTCH test to look at estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and cortisol?

  13. You may want to listen to recording #3 by Morley. All are good but 3 is specific to your question.

  14. First to check: Iron levels! The body might use the heavy blood loss to prevent Haemochromatosis. If iron is normal You'd be heading in that direction without the heavy loss. Or are You near the other end, Anaemia? Cut-toff levels of blood tests are too extreme and doctors never check free copper and zinc. The 2-Valence trace elements are LINKED! and Phosphorus (-3) is like a linchpin. Calcified fibroids hint strongly at a chronic subclinical infection which is a bit stronger locally but systemic. Worse where air can get to it and then aerobic microbes can be involved too to make the mess worse. So lungs, skin, mouth even up the urethra – there, but nearly no or none at all symptoms. A history of thrush would tell much, but again that's not the fundamental cause. Inflammation markers? Histamine? Pinpointing any microbe is useless, the situation is dynamic but settles always into something unpleasant. So forget antibiotics totally. Headaches? Migraines? Low energy? Restless legs? Can't fall asleep? Blood-pressure ?Dozens of Q's. Bear in mind: Copper can drive You insane, but Iron will kill You. They are strongly linked. Doctors will not supplement Iron if one has an acute infection except intravenous for good resons. Iron will blow out any infection because microbes love it. – Be Well! 🙂

  15. A dr should have explained a procedure where they injection salt water into fibroid where it attaches. It dried up and comes out with your period. They can lead to a hysterectomy. They did for me.

  16. I finally found the cause of inflammation for me, it was night shades and black pepper. 2 years after being free of them, my cycles miraculously regulated itself and they became normal 3 day periods with. I can recognize now, when my body is trying to tell me something, it's through my cycles…damnit. she's so passive aggressive

  17. Suzanne Turpin Upton could you possibly be iodine deficient? I added iodine bc I was symptomatic and my periods are back to what that used to be (short and light) with minimal cramps or discomfort.heres a general checklist to see if it fits.

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