Suffering from this autoimmune condition


Myastenia Gravis
My mother is suffering from this autoimmune condition. It effects the nerves and results in muscle weakness. I told her to increase her Magnesium (oil) mostly for her night sleep. Now she says her condition is worse. Do you know anybody who is dealing with Myastenia? Can Magnesium be a problem in this case?

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  1. Kata Mikios—-I hope someone will answer your question more thoroughly, someone from Administration or with a personal experience. I had a 40 yr career as a physical therapist, a long time, and treated only 5 people with this illness. From my limited experience on this group, if she's worse i'd stop it and see what happens—were you also doing the cofactors that make mag go into the cells? Very important: B6, boron and bicarbonate—otherwise the mag will just float around the blood stream, so to speak, and not do it's primary job because it can't get into the cell. In 1989, I began studying energy work, various forms—-I was such a skeptic with my 1st energy teacher I had to study quantum physics to "get it" and understand that everything is energy first—–there are some great techniques in supporting the self–healing body with an autoimmune disorder. If you or your mother are interested, send me a PM and I'll give you some resources to consider. I became a better PT after I began learning about energy system of the human body—-I am still amazed at how powerful it can be. I hope you get answers about the mag for your mother. Blessings to you both. 🙂

  2. All immune disorders are from a leaky gut. Research it please. It's foods, processed and GMOs
    Trust me. I've healed myself from fibromyalsia x3C3

  3. Magnesium and magnesium- containing meds are contraindicated as can make the condition worse.

  4. Candace I am a firm believer in the bodies energy I have late stage neurological Lyme that has attacked my nervous system I am most troubled by what I believe is a ejectrial imbalance computers lighting lights throw my heart rate off I found through energy healing and mineral balancing balancing to be the most valuable tools in my box

  5. Kate has your mom had a face palsy or bilateral face weakness slurring & fatigue is she cold most times any problems w sleep ??

  6. I was wondering if anybody has this specific disorder and experience with Mag supps. It is a rare condition…

  7. Kata Miklos–I keep hitting the post button, sorry—-the study in these prisons had to do with acting and presenting plays—it provided the opportunity for these men, who were very disconnected from their real feelings, to get in touch with their feelings, then later talk about them and how their actions were intertwined and how much their feelings were skewed—amazing results and healing for so many. From an energetic point of view of the body's energy system, autoimmune diseases are an imbalance of 2 major meridians and also the control cycles–Traditional Chinese Medicine. With MA, the kidney/bladder meridians are a huge piece. Carla Lucart, as a physical therapist for 40 yrs, fibromyalgia is a waste-basket diagnosis—-it is not autoimmune, even though West Med says it is—-it is biochemical, but that can be altered and balance by do the appropriate energy work on meridians and chakras—kidney/bladder meridians are a huge piece in fibro—–I had it, it's gone using only energy medicine on myself. I am not saying the symptoms are not real, they are, what people just don't understand is everything, a dog, a stone, a human is energy 1st—-I won't live to see it, however, the 1st intervention for any illness will be addressing the energy system of the body—-support the energy system and the body will self-heal. In Japan, the transatlantic pilots who went for their annual physical exam made more money if they also had their energy system assessed. Leaky gut can be healed with energy techniques also—we need to approach illness holistically and not just one approach—we are biochemical, however, hundreds of people no longer have diabetes by doing energy work alone on the correct meridians——it still amazes me.

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