Suggestions for always struggling to swallow?


Does anyone have any suggestions for always struggling to swallow? I have asked my endo with no results to see why I am always struggling to swallow my own saliva and post nasal drip. I am wondering if I should go find out why my post nasal drip is so bad or force a scan of my thyroid?? Any natural ideas?

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  1. I had both of those issues with my thryoid/hashimotos and since removing gluten/dairy/soy/sugar, I don’t have those issues anymore.

  2. Sounds like reflux

  3. Remove trigger foods get enzymes and heal the gut

  4. Maybe you should go see an ENT

  5. I have been about 80% AIP trying to heal. What enzymes do you take/recommend? (If you can)

  6. I also agree that you should see an ENT, to make sure you don’t have a stricture in your esophagus…there could also be an issue with the muscles that are used for swallowing.

  7. Allergy possibility…crystal light does that to me really badly!!

  8. Thanks everyone! I am still eliminating foods and hopefully my endo or PCP will send me to an ENT!

  9. Treat for candida if you have ongoing sinus issues. Also treat for parasites

  10. Thats a good one. I was also thinking Capryllic Acid.

  11. I had my thyroid removed and I can swallow so much better now!

  12. My question would be why is my thyroid so swollen before I had it surgically removed

  13. I was assuming she had a diagnosis of Hashimotos Disease as she is in a Hashis Group. My guess she has goiter, and should have already had a sono, and labs.

  14. I had issues swallowing before I changed to NDT in 2010. My FT3 is at the top of the range and no more issues. I am on 3 grains (180 mg) NDT and doing well.

  15. Usually if there is trouble swallowing its because there is a nodular goiter, or major swelling. Usually the thyroid is hyper during the swelling phase.

  16. Meghan Conroy, ask him if he plans on doing a sonogram. Also you should start AIP Diet, and look at Dr David Browsteins Books , and Izabella Wentzs books. Even Mary Shoman books.

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