Suggestions for poor circulation?


Suggestions for poor circulation? 19 yr old daughter always freezing. Toes are usually a bright red. We’ve had thyroid tested numerous times. Endocrinologist was not helpful at all. Has been treated for Lyme and I know this is a fallout from it but looking for suggestions.
The recommended tests on this page are on our list for her next doctor visit.

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  1. Try Paleo Mom

  2. Not enough calories. I recommend Diet Recovery 2 by Matt Stone. Easy to read and practical advice. Don't agree with everything in it but overall a good read.

  3. Yes, she could and all of the auto immune problems can be healed, Paleo Mom goes through it in a very scientific fashion

  4. I know it's personal, but does she have visible varicose veins or pelvic pain?

  5. No Danielle. Thank you for trying.

  6. Look at iodine protocols group on FB.

  7. Your thyroid is your thermostat
    FT4 should be top 1/2 of the range
    FT3 should be top 1/4 of the range
    Most hypo is Hashimoto's so you'll need TPO and TgAB as well.

  8. FB Iodine workshop. Ask the same question there.

  9. Have her tested for Hashis specifically tell the doctor that, I went through 40 years of being tested for thyroid only to find out I have hashimotos

  10. My son was always cold and had very hypo symptoms but his thyroid labs were fine. It wasn't until I demanded his antibodies and RT3 were tested that we determined the issue. And even then The doctor wouldn't treat him so we found a naturopath that put him on straight T3.

  11. Doctors have tested me over and over for thyroid issues but never found anything. I started an iodine protocol and realize now how deficient I am. Dr's often miss this.

  12. Bethany Stephan has he had any adverse reaction to t3?

  13. Cayenne tincture is a fantastic remedy for poor circulation

  14. Have you checked adrenals? I was always cold until I fed my adrenals with cortisone. Hawthorn and Horse Chestnut herbs good for circulation. COQ-10 also good, Butcher's Broom. Best Wishes!

  15. methylation issues?

  16. You might try taking proteolytic enzymes. There are many different kinds that can help with circulation.

  17. I've been taking nattokinase and serrapeptase for about a year. My circulation in my feet and legs is much improved. And my body temp went up too. I also have Lyme disease and Mercury poisoning. I just bought Wobenzyme N for my daughter to try. It's another type of systemic enzyme.

  18. If soy is an issue, an alternative to nattokinase is lumbrokinase. A bit more expensive but worth it.

  19. Try the iodine Workshop group.

  20. Has her iron been checked?

  21. Find out the basics of her lifestyle first. How many calories is she eating per day? How much salt? How much protein? Deficiencies in any of these basic things can lead to low body temperature via a lowered metabolism.

  22. B vitamin deficiency (particularly B12)

  23. Get her an HTMA along with the blood tests… very important to sorting our her mineral balance and getting a personal plan just for her, rather than taking a shotgun approach. Much more straightforward and efficient than just guessing. Mineral balancing is not one size fits all… what worked for others may not address her issues.

  24. Suggestions for HTMA company?

  25. MJ they won't let me order from NY

  26. my cold probs were due to a thyroid prob. the correct tests were not being run, they were not being interpreted correctly, and the wrong drugs used. i got on the correct track after visiting, reading, and joining this is my first winter, and i am no longer cold.

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