Suicide after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease?


Has anyone had thoughts of committing suicide after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease? I’m heavily depressed all the time. I’m emotionally unstable and my anxiety is out of control.

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  1. Yeah, I can vouch, you do NOT want to be involuntarily admitted to a mental hospital, if you thought you felt suicidal and depressed before, being forced into a mental hospital will turn your entire world upside down and throw you for a real loop. It’s one of the worst feelings in the world.

  2. Going voluntarily, and to a facility that you hand selected could be really good for you. There are some great places out there, with really good care, but if you’re forced, you do not and up where you wanted to be, you end up in a state facility, which is hell.

  3. Yes, I felt that way when first learning about it, but it did get better. Then recently I was glutened and the depression and suicidal thoughts were back! So for me, it appears to be a psychological symptom of eating gluten. Which is a documented symptom! You are not alone, and I’m willing to bet you’ll start feeling better when the gluten has been out of your system for a while! ❤ PM me if you want to talk about it!

  4. Pack slip on shoes with no laces, clothes with no buckles or drawstrings, books, toiletries (no razors). Bring enough for a week.

  5. Also, keep in mind depression could be caused by nutritional deficiencies, caused by damage to your GI tract from Celiac, not allowing nutrients to be absorbed. Have your doctor run some tests to check for nutritional deficiencies, by remaining gluten free, your body will begin to heal and you will be able to absorb the nutrients you need to feel better.

  6. I think that people get sad when they have things like this. But, also the gut is tied into the brain.

  7. Amy Elizabeth Jones, check your pm

  8. If you’re in crisis, there are options available to help you cope. You can also call the Lifeline at any time to speak to someone and get support. For confidential support available 24/7 for everyone in the United States, call 1-800-273-8255

  9. Just talk to your doc lots of meds out there

  10. Be cooperative with the staff and respectful. They determine how good or bad your stay is. And someone usually establishes themselves as the group mom. Make friends with them, they will show you the ropes.


  12. I didn’t after being diagnosed, but I certainly did prior to that. I struggled with depression for years. After being gluten free for a few months, I realized that my depression and emotional outbursts were deminishing.

  13. As I am not a professional I cannot offer any advise, only tell you about my own experience. If you feel that bad, please see a professiona and get the help that you require. I am sending you thoughts of love and healing.

  14. I was very sad in the beginning,but with my gluten free diet helped drastically with anxiety. I have been dealing with Lyme disease for a year & a half now,I’m on fire all the time with no temperature. My doctor said I didn’t need more antibiotics & wouldn’t retest me for Lyme. So finally after a year he ran blood test & I still have Lyme. And my other Dr. Said my gluten free diet wasn’t working after 4 yrs. I’m very upset,but would never do anything to myself. Just hang in there we are all in this together.

  15. I understand how you feel I can not only ea wheat but I cannot eat coconut flour , almond flour , rice flour , corn flour all grains , grasses and nut flours my diet is so limited and I get very depressed please talk to your doctor about your feelings and seek a self help group also

  16. I’m sorry to hear you’re going thru all this! There are people who can help, and people who care! Hugs

  17. Please talk to your doctor… There are people that can help

  18. Carolina get some help. I was diagnosed with bipolar about 10 years before I was diagnosed with celiac. My lows were unbearable (suicidal) and my highs were pretty high. I went thru a lot of different medications. But once I went on a gluten free diet, it’s like my symptoms lessened. I’m not going to say complete recovery, but I no longer need to take any medication for bipolar. Get serious about it, your life depends on it. And don’t listen to anyone around you that tries to minimize your disease. Be pro-active, protect yourself, take the reins of your recovery. And hang in there girl. You will get there.

  19. please talk to someone as chemical imbalance is temp. as choices can be permanent. first realize you are the master of yourself..don’t give that up..

  20. no.
    but i think mood swings are common if youre not following a gluten free diet.
    also you could be suffering from seasonal depression.. my advice is first and foremost is see a doctor to send you for some therapy for depression.. and in the meantime get yourself some vitamin d and surround yourself with loved ones that can help you thru this difficult time.
    wishing you all the best.

    also wanted to mention something that i heard about suicide.
    they say that people that usually try to kill themselves at the very last minute think… my problems were solvable!!

  21. of course everyone is correct to say see your doctor. i go thru depression during winters, seasonal depression and of course its worse than that because i can’t go to parties an enjoy all the holiday foods so i actually in my mind did a funeral for wheat (i am allergic to or intolerant of many many items so did a lot of funerals). i am assuming you are new to this – so try doing a funeral so to speak. morn the death of wheat, all 7 stages or what ever they say now. find an in-person group to attend – that helped me a lot, find a shopping partner to make grocery shopping easier and more fun. get with your doc about testing vitamins n such so you get more balanced. we tend to miss out on some essential vitamins having to be gluten free. of course we are all here for you online but inperson is much better.

  22. has anyone heard back from her? reached out personally to her?

  23. You are not alone!!!!! Emotions are definitely tied to this. It is emotionally and physically so hard. We are all here!!!!

  24. Thoughts and prayers are with you! We are all in this together and are here for you. Nothing is worth taking your life…. as you can see by all the comments, you have so many that care about you. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us. Sending a big hug your way!!

  25. Please let us know you are ok. Many of us have been there, we understand. Gluten poisons the Celiac mind and can cause mild to severe depression and suicidal thoughts. The good news, when you stop eating it and you heal the clouds begin to lift and these thoughts subside. The bonus, you can’t eat any of the stuff that’s really bad for people, we are forced to eat healthy. Think about it… what are we supposed to avoid?? Fried foods, baked goods and processed foods, most of the readily available product have gluten or are cross contaminated. What are people supposed to eat?? Fresh fruit, vegetables, lean meats, etc. you get the point. You get to the place where you forget what it tastes like and don’t miss it and your body and mind thank you for it.

  26. Feel free to call me anytime. Never Never Never feel like this has to be the end. It’s tough, I face it as well as type one diabetes since the age of 7. There are people who can help and doctors that can help and prescribe medication to balance you out. Prayers for you

  27. Praying for you chica! I’ve totally been there. It is a really rough road and there are good days/bad days. You need to check your vitamin levels : you could be deficient due to celiac which will cause depression or other emotional issues

  28. Your body may be going through detox, the celiac might have hurt your thyroid which will also cause you to feel down. Try to get out and walk, eat chocolate, keep away from the wine right now. Get around others, volunteer somewhere. Ask your doctor to run test on your Thyroid, B12, Iron, Ferritin,, foliac. Keep us up to date, it will help everyone. If your doc will not run the test then find a new doc who will, or if you can afford to run them yourself. I also find that when I get like that I need more protein .. so maybe go get yourself a nice steak.

  29. Everyday but my 2 gorgeous sons stop me

  30. It’s overwhelming as Im also battling PTSD as well as Military Sexual Trauma. I’m new to the group and in a lot of pain but less than yesterday morning. If ever you want to inbox me to chat directly, I’ll always try to listen and understand what you’re feeling as I know it’s a lot of new emotions to sort at random and sporadically.

  31. I and my kids are gluten intolerant for several years and I have been in severe depression since the discovery. Everyday is a challenge to cook meals that appeal to kids and resisting temptation when I see something delicious in a bakery. I’ve been called out for it by immature fellow moms and it’s always hard to explain our situation in every dinner we are invited to.

    It’s been difficult but I’ve got second wind now and slowly regaining my positivity and confidence since I get support from my children. I’ve come away from toxic people and got new friends who would understand my condition and support me.

    Hang on there. I’m sure things will improve. It’s all a matter of time. Wish you all the best.

  32. No. Celiac is one of the easiest diseases in the world to control. A simple gluten free diet eliminates all the symptoms and complications.

  33. Hang in there. It does get better!! Sending prayers and all good thoughts!!🙏🏻🙏🏻

  34. I was depressed and went through a mourning period. I felt my body had failed me. \nAfter eating GF for about 5 years I realized I needed to give up dairy too. While that change was another restriction at first I realized it helped reduce my anxiety significantly.

  35. I was diagnosed with lupus is 2015, I was in so much pain I had often thought about ending it all, my husband was diagnosed with celiac 2016 and both my kids as well. the kids took it good but my husband had major depression some days he still does. it does get better vitamins and magnesium have changed his life sometimes it a a vitamin problem. when your body isn’t getting enough it shows as depression, anxiety, restlessness muscle aches and pains, fatigue and many more.

  36. I know from personal experience don’t call the suicide hotline they won’t answer or they will just put you on hold, it literally happened to me, i had better luck calling 911. Also, being admitted isn’t that great. I highly recommend finding a good doctor. There’s medication out there that will work, I’ve been on medication for years now. But make sure you have a good support system, that always helps

  37. Celiac disease is perfectly manageable. You may be eating gluten accidentally, which in certain cases, can cause depression and tearfulness. Please talk to someone maybe your doctor, already you have joined this group, which means that you want to help yourself to get to a better place with as much information as you can get. I weighed only 7 stone twenty years ago because I couldn’t find a safe menu for myself and had no supportive family. Also my nutrition status went crazy and I could barely walk without support. But I got through that and so can you.

  38. Therapy really helps!

  39. Please get help. Call your hospital for the right crisis team location.

  40. Suffer with depression. My allergies start with gluten free. So I have been very moody with all the changes.

  41. If u need someone to talk to pm me anytime and I’ll get back to you when I can. Been there, done that, and I have no support around me

  42. Have they said anything about vitamins deficiencies because that can influence hormones in your body ?? I have just been recently diagnosed too and I understand. I had anxiety before being diagnosed and I am off all meds while going through testing. And with research I have been doing vitamins influence it some. I am sorry to here how much it’s affecting you! If it makes you feel better I am heavily emotionally unstable especially when my body isn’t rested and I have slipped up and had some sort of gluten or dairy.

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