Super Mag-A-Hol Reporting thread.


Super Mag-A-Hol Reporting thread.
Please post your experiences both making and using Super Mag-A-Hol in this thread.

The recipe for Super Mag-A-Hol is here.

The recipe for Mag-A-Hol is here.
Note that Hemant prefers EverClear for Super Mag-A-Hol

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  1. In chemistry 1 + 1 + 1 =/= 3. It could = A. I wouldn't go mixing chemicals without knowing. 🙂

  2. Is there an alternative to alcohol? Does the alcohol preventing a water based solution from growing bacteria? Or the alcohol plays another role too?
    Thank you for your responses

  3. This graphic is now in Photos > Albums > Mag-A-Hol folder.

  4. If you have magahol already made up, can you just add some crushed peppercorns to it?

  5. If you already have some pulverized peppercorns, can you just add them to Mag-A-Hol?

  6. Hemant Trivedi – here is the reporting thread.

  7. Dawn Coombs results. wow. i put the super mag a hol on only one leg, above knee to toes. i feel a numbing sensation, as well as pain relief. i can bend my ankle easier. the spray bottle clogged up right away with pepper residue so i rubbed in in with my hand. roller bottle will work better probably. i put some on my husbands back. im going to make more to take to my mom. this stuff is a keeper!

  8. Last evening I came back from work with a severe back pain.
    Just before cooking the dinner, I applied Super Magahoĺ on my back.

    in less than a minute, the pain disappeared and after dinner, fell asleep with iPad on my chest.
    morning, the battery in my pad was just 5 percent. And pain no more.

  9. I have 2 part time jobs which both require different types of repetitive hand motion. My hands ache of slight swelling and stiffness in the mornings and i experience pangs of pain in my palms throughout the day. I have weakness in my thumbs and forefingers and can find it difficult to just unscrew a water bottle cap. So this morning i poured a few drops of Super Magahol on each hand and massaged it into my fingers and palms. I felt relief almost immediatly and it lasted throughout the day. Its about 10 hours later and I can tell i need to put more on now to gain further relief thru the night. I will be carrying this with me to work and using it thruout the day. I hope with continued use the pain will lesson. Love this Hemant Trivedi…thank you!

  10. Well, I've finished filtering…. now to add the 1/2 tsp of glycerin and it will be ready to use. I used 150 proof EverClear.

  11. MJH,


  12. I'm not waiting to filter, fourth day of a migraine, and hip and back pain.
    I have to take a 24 Hour break from migraine meds, or I will start a rebound cycle.
    So, perfect testing ground for super magahol!
    Cotton ball into solution, rubbed on the back of my neck, pain points on the skull, temples and forehead. Almost instant tension release. I think the migraine is broken!
    While I was doing this, I put it on my low back (two herniated discs, it's time for an epidural if this doesn't work), right bursa, SI joint, piriformis, and down my right IT band to my knee.
    I think I feel relief, but I am going back to sleep, and I will report when I awake.
    First impressions are very hopeful, I just want to test that it is not a placebo effect (no offense, Hemant Trivedi or MJ Hampstead).

  13. Anyone else have problems with it clogging your spray bottle? I filtered thru cheesecloth twice and my sprayer still clogs.

  14. Brend Beth… I am using the kind of funnled plastic cap one finds in a bottle of olive oil from a grocery store. It snaps into the opening of a regular bottle and keeps the magahol from gushing out when using. The smaller bottle is from essential oils i have used. I carry the small one with me always…just a few drops come out at a time..perfect for quick fixes on the go!

  15. I use kitchen towels. DOES A GREAT JOB OF FILTERING.

  16. Just looked up EverClear, and it is made from corn, which is usually GMO and sprayed heavily with pesticides. Am I being silly to be concerned about this? I really want to try it.

  17. Waiting for a call back!

  18. 8/30/2016 testimonial
    I rode a bike for 9 miles, then I walked for 2 miles, and my knees, which have problems, were in terrible pain. I was wondering how I was going to drive home.
    I had put a small amount of magpep or Godmag or super magahol (whatever the name is) into a small bottle so that I could apply it.
    All but one spot instantly (and I don't use that word lightly) pain-free.
    I will continue on that one spot, but it where I wonder if I tore a bit of miniscus.
    I will keep a bottle of this in my gym bag from now on!

  19. I'm going to make some tomorrow for myself and my mother who suffers spinal stenosis. I hope she gets some relief. But my question: Has anyone tried this on animals (I have a 30 yr old horse with significant arthritis in one knee). Thank you and I'm looking forward to trying it on myself and ALL my family!

  20. Gail Klett,
    Please go ahead and apply this to your horses knee.
    He will start running in no time.

  21. Super Mag-A-Hol is awesome!!!

  22. Could this possibly help someone who has basically his whole spine fused back together with metal rods? Also has nerve damage and paralyzed in one leg.

  23. MJ, I'm confused now. For the smaller recipe his post says 6ozs of vodka but the graphic says one cup?

  24. I'm sold. I have bad knee pain, my knees had sharp stabbing pains. One spray of this stuff and the pain was virtually gone. Mag A Hol works, but this is better. I call it my Megahol 😉 My husband has body pains too, gone. My only complaint is I smell like a walking peppercorn lol it goes away quick though.

    I use my empty GOL B12 spray bottle for this. It has a larger spray than the store bought spray bottle, I think thats better with the pepper. I strained mine through a tea towel, took a long time, then strained a couple more times until no more residue left on the towel. I used organic pepper too ofc.

  25. You could try straining it through a coffee filter paper.

  26. Is this entirely meant for external usage??? Or could you take it internally and if yes how much??

  27. has anyone put this is a rollerball container?? how does that work??

  28. Some times when you get pain in a place where you have never experienced pain your life, you tend to get confused and clueless.
    This is what happened to me yesterday .

    Since morning, I was having a dull pain in slightly right side of my upper chest and towards evening, it became acute and worse.


    Suddenly I came out of this confusion and remembered that I had invented MAG-A-HOL SUPER and it was a good chance to try it out.

    I applied M-HOL Super on chest and let it dry for a couple of minutes.
    By the time I lowered my night dress, the pain had totally DISAPPEARED !!!

    OMG !! This M-HOL Super is really awesome !!

  29. I apologize if this question is inappropriate but will I smell of alcohol if I apply this? Also isn't very potent alcohol a numbing agent to begin with? I want to try this but I really needed to ask these questions before I make the investment in time and money. I gave up alcohol over 3 years ago so I'm curious.

  30. My daughter thinks she smells like a steak (pepper)!!!

  31. I think the supermagahol works very well, and it is less sticky than the magahol. I made them without glycerine, though… What does the glycerine do, exactly?

  32. I don't get it. I really, truly wanted Super mag a Hol to be the ace in the hole in my Mag protocol to keep my muscle spasms and cramps at bay. Instead, they get worse with the use of Super Mag A Hol. I drink two modified Adrenal cocktails a day, and I liberally used gray Celtic sea salt on my food. Does anyone have any idea why Super Mag A Hol makes things worse for me?

  33. My husband is the most stubborn person I've met in my life he won't take anything no matter the benefits. And it has to be HIM suggesting it, if I even hint at something I'm shot down, topic closed.
    He picks up my bottle.
    "Is this that pepper crap?"
    Tosses it at me.
    "Put it on my back again"
    Coming from him, that's a win 🙂 it's been more than once he's asked for it.

  34. Another testimonial – a friend got off a long haul flight which had aggravated her sciatica and immobilised her. She was ready to try anything, even this crazy concoction – Super Mag-A-Hol to the rescue and she got immediate relief and continues to use it to great effect.

  35. I add a few drops of Super Mag-A-Hol to my drinking water and it is delicious! I sip throughout the day and am very happy knowing I am getting a little mag with every sip (or glug).

  36. I'd like the recipe and where to get the ingredients?

  37. Rachael Longstreth, Regina Bos, Glenn Hall, Rochelle Mellsop..Sorry THIS is the right thread.. just made a big batch of super magahol this weekend..I made a mistake by thinking putting it thru a fine kitchen sieve would work …Nope.Im going to have to put it all back through a coffee filter since its clogged up my bottle spayers ,so heads up not to do that! Love the super AND the reg magahol dont know how I survived without it 😀

  38. Alisan Hames 21 mins
    Huge success story for Hemant Trivedi​​'s Super Magahol.
    My father in law has a lot of trouble with his shoulders and neck, including chronic and retracted tendon damage.

    As a double amputee with only one remaining attached tendon between his two shoulders, this is quite serious for his mobility (and he is an active, avid outdoorsman).

    While surgery has been recommended to preserve that last tendon, the risks and recovery involved are unappealing.

    He managed to tweak something in his left shoulder just before he and my husband left for a big hunt. The morning after two applications and he was raving about how much better he felt.

    This is a game changer for him and we are DEEPLY GRATEFUL for all we have learned here.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Hemant Trivedi, Morley, MJ and all the rest of you, stranger-friends!!

  39. I made this very recently with 80 proof potato vodka (I made it with a food-grade MgCl2, organic black pepper corns crushed in mortar pestle, and a small pinch of organic mugwort). Wow!! 😀 Slept like a sinking log and seems like a much deeper sleep compared to regular mag-a-hol and mag oil. I also tried adding a little to water to sip – tastes pretty good, but strongest effect felt through transdermal application. I'm very happy with the super magahol and it's worth the extra time/prep effort. Thank you!

  40. Results Plasma ethanol concentrations were below the detection limit of 2.2 mmol/L (10 mg/100 mL) throughout the experiment. No significant changes were observed in the intoxication related symptoms, although self confidence and urge to speak increased slightly at the start of the study, probably due to the setup.

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