Super painful, deep, ugly pimples!


I have completely broken out all around my mouth and all over my chin. Super painful, deep, ugly pimples! I’m 32 and have always had sporadic breakouts around my cycle, but this is crazy! I read on some message boards that it is a common side effect of Levothyroxine. Has anyone experienced this and if so, has anything helped? I’m considering asking to be put on a low dose of birth control (also have heavy periods). Any thoughts are appreciated and of course I will be speaking to my doctor.

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  1. my daughter had severe breakouts to, it was to low a dose of thyroid meds. dont do birth control meds, estrogen blocks thyroid hormone. what are you on?

  2. This is a common issue with hashis in general found out after spending tons of money on products and doctors appointments it’s just hormonal imbalance I used a oh balancing spray and a mild cleanser to get rid of it

  3. I had bad chin breakouts. Vitamin D did the trick for me. I only know this because when I stopped taking my D for a few weeks, the break out craze restarted! After I started taking it again, my skin cleared.

  4. I wish you will find something ,I have the same problem and used everything but nothing help,reading and looking for a resolution,wish somebody find it and shares.Thanks for opening this problem,never had breakouts before,and on hormone almost 10 year,but the last 5 years having this problem,and have been seen a lot of dermatologist ,still fighting .

  5. I know everyone is different, but birth control (several types over fifteen years) made my deep-rooted cystic acne worse. I always get cysts on my chin and jawline, and only recently have been able to see some results. Of course diet and water intake helps, and I am also a self-proclaimed skincare junkie (seriously, I’m addicted), and switching my products over has REALLY calmed my skin down. I maybe only get one around “that time”. I have a bunch of recommendations for cystic acne and other skin issues… if you or anyone else would like a list or some recommendations, feel free to PM me!

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