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Suzy cohen now has out a vitamin e that is evidently ( per her) very well sourced and developed. I know this group uses wheat germ oil for source of e since supplemental e is not adequate, but curious if Suzy cohens product woul be recommended here?

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  1. I'm not sure if anyone except Morley could really answer this, but if you have a link to the product, that may help.


  2. Wholefood vitamin-E has NINE parts:
    o 4 Tocotrienes
    o 4 Tocopherols
    o Selenium at the CORE…

    If Suzy Cohen, RPh has this comprehensive set of factors, it may be a winner. If it's JUST Alpha-Tocopherol, we don't need the "Ascorbic Acid" component of Vitamin-E….


  3. I'm not seeing any mention of Selenium… It's got the other goods, however… Item #9 is pretty important…

    Not unlike the Copper in Wholefood vit-C.


  4. ok- so idiots guide here – should I buy the full spectrum e from suzy cohen please?

  5. Is sunflower lecithin a good source of vitamin e ?

  6. Please tell me a trusted brand of wheat germ oil! TIA!

  7. Sarah Morris Standard Process Wheat Germ
    Katie Packwood sells it if you can't find it locally

  8. I got SP on Amazon

  9. Is wheat germ oil part of root cause protocol or is per individual requirements?

  10. I'm so behind. I didn't even know to eat wheat germ oil. Head under a rock?

  11. Morley Robbins- what is your recommendation for food sources of vitamin E for those of us who cannot tolerate wheat germ oil? It's a problem for many with gluten problems as well as anybody with a wheat allergy.

  12. Red Palm Oil is a good alternative, I believe…

  13. 5 things (with questions): 1) it is possible Suzy's has the selenium inside. I assume it would depend on how it is processed. I don't think the selenium would be listed -if it is still there- since it is part of the core. 2) I just went to SP site and there is a $10 shipping fee for orders, new this year for patients…. 3) I suppose we are to follow directions, and take 1 per meal if taking the SP one? Is this what most poeople here do? I don't always eat 3 " meals" and I'm tired of capsules! I assume we could prick the SP capsule and get most of the inside out? Oh, 4) if taking the sustainable version of red palm oil, does anyone know how much of that would be needed? 5) is Vit E something we need to spread throughout day, or could we take at one time, like I do with the liver capsules? Thanks for any replies!!!

  14. Is it for ingestion/cooking or transdermal or both?

  15. Does anyone know where you can get the Standard Process vitamin E in Australia?

  16. I have wheatgerm on my porridge. Will investigate if this is enough. Hope so… not another supplement I need!

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