Taking something with magnesium Malate?


Am I supposed to be taking something with my magnesium Malate? I keep seeing people talk about “co factors” like b6. I am still on prenatal vitamins(nursing) is that enough or should I add a b6 supplement? I’m kinda lost on this.

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  1. Get an HTMA

  2. This explains co factors to mag. http://my-magnesium.com/

  3. What is HTMA?

  4. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

  5. Does htma answer her question though? I'm
    Curious too. What can she do in the meantime?

  6. Yes In the meantime? If I wanted to take magnesium say for anxiety would taking it alone still help at all?

  7. Be careful when nursing, ask a professional

  8. U can throw minerals off balance if u don't supplement properly

  9. Low zinc is one reason babies stop breastfeeding but u don't just want to take zinc, it's complex a d should b induvidualized

  10. Oh no christy thanks now I'm worried bc I have been taking magnesium Malate while nursing:/ i guess i should stop til testing!

  11. What low zinc? You mean babies ween? Or people can dry up?

  12. Multi-vitamins likely contain things that you'd rather not be taking if you knew their effects. Maybe you can use this time to begin learning about whole food vitamins and nutritious foods that you can introduce into your routine instead of taking those, then review the information on this site to develop your plan for what supplements to take, if any. In a nutshell, it seems that what we have been told is upside down in so many ways. We probably get more calcium than we need, should be about 1:1 intake with magnesium. It's okay to get more than that of mg, but not more calcium than mg. We don't recommend supplementing with D….etc,

  13. I actually feel really good with my prenatals bc they are garden of life.i really feel like bc they have folate rather than folic acid is why i feel good on them. I agree that some of the vitamins in them I probably don't need and I do need to pinpoint what's in it I do need. But it is a whole food vitamin took me a while to find a kind I liked.

  14. Most say mag is fine, even for babies was just saying I wouldn't start supplementing a bunch of different things.

  15. Can u post prenatal ingredients?

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  17. Hm what's the source of the vit d? The group usually only recommends cod liver oil

  18. You know what's weird, I can't find the source of the D. Hmm that's so weird! I know this group says no D and before I read the conflicting info about D I used to take a d3 supplement but stopped. Now I'm curious.

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