Tea, honey, tomato sauce and vinegar gluten free?


Is tea, honey, tomato sauce and vinegar gluten free? I always thought they all were but someone told me some aren’t?!

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  1. Malt vinegar has gluten.

  2. Tea is commonly made from barley!
    The other things are typically safe, especially honey, I’ve never seen gluten in honey

  3. If your tea is just tea, without barley, which is most tea that isn’t herbal, it’s safe.

  4. I read that some companies use a gluten to seal the tea bag??

  5. Tea comes from the plant Camellia sinensis and it is processed differently to come up with the different types of teas like green tea, oolong tea, etc. This plant does not have gluten in it. There are also herbal teas like lavender for example. Now it is the flavour blends that you have to watch for – and as it goes with anything, just read the labels 🙂

  6. Anything that says malt dont have…clear vinegars are normally ok. Some sauces use malt vinegar so don’t use them. In UK Hellmans tomatoe sauce is gluten free & really nice. Honey doesnt have any & if tea does i didnt know about it I used decaf tea so will have to check.

  7. I think vinegar is the thing to watch out of these… it’s a mixed bag… balsamic usually is, rice vinegar is gf as well but the malt ones aren’t it’s a case by case basis

  8. some are and some aren’t. I have gotten sick numerous times because of these

  9. Further to your question Jennifer, tea, honey, tomato sauce and vinegar containing gluten or not – it will depend on the one you are purchasing and if they have added anything that contains gluten to it, so check the labels and look for wheat, barley, rye and oats but there are more, so if you get a chance check this link as it gives you all that you have to watch out for:https://www.celiac.ca/living-gluten-free/newly-diagnosed/

  10. “The Republic of Tea” company is Certified GF

  11. Depends. Grain vinegar is sometimes not GF. Tomato sauce should be okay, but check for GF label. Tea with barley or barley malt can be a problem-then tea prepared in a facility with barely malt can be, so I check for the GF seal on the label.

  12. I contacted Taso directly and this was their response. So GF I would say. Don’t believe everything that someone says without actual information. When in doubt contact the company directly.


  13. Depends on the brand and the ingredients, you must read every label.

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