Teeth enamel damage from Celiac Disease?


Do any of you have teeth enamel damage from Celiac Disease?

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  1. Yes. Dentist thinks I don’t take care of them though (that’s what it seems at least). But I do indeed take great care of them, and it never seems to be enough.

  2. does anyone know of anything that will help with these problems with teeth. I have a lot of problems with my teeth which seemed to start about 2 years ago but I was diagnosed 10 years ago. So frustrating!

  3. I have erosion and sensitivity as well as low bone density since at least my 20s. My 8 year old had to have his teeth capped at age 2 and has had persistent migraines and difficulty focusing. He’s already tested negative but I wonder if he should be retested.

  4. yes-at least 4 of my adult teeth came in missing part of the enamel and are pitted, plus none of my root canals lasted and had to get all pulled and i was always prone to cavities, plus teeth are yellowed and will never be white

  5. My daughter has enamel that never formed on a back molar and has a gluten allergy, is there a connection?

  6. The teeth issue I had to get fixed was pretty severe esophageal reflux disease

  7. Yes!! I had two caps on my front teeth since 12 years old from lack of enamel close to the gum line. I have 7 root canals. Was not diagnosed until 49 years old and not teeth issues since diagnosis.

  8. I have a mouth full of rotten teeth! The enamel on my teeth is brittle but I never associated it specifically to CD. I figured just a combination of issues including all the meds I’ve been on through my life (anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, antihistamines, diuretics, asthma meds, migraine meds, etc.) and a lifetime of emotional eating.

  9. I saw a new dentist the end of last year. They fussed at me for brushing my teeth too hard and said I brushed my enamel and gums away. I told them that I did not brush my teeth too hard and told them I’ve been very sick for 3.5 years with GI issues. They completely ignored me and continued to fuss at me. I got diagnosed with Celiac Disease this June. I found a new dentist…a biological dentist. They completely understand\nhow my medical probelms affect my teeth. So very glad I changed dentists!

  10. luckily my front teeth dont look too bad but almost all of my back teeth have crumbled away despite proper care.

  11. Yup both front teeth. Just had to get caps on them. $1700. I had really good teeth before celiac too:(

  12. I have gum issues

  13. My 8 year old was diagnosed 4 years ago. Before that, we had NO idea what was going on as her teeth started coming in….they were brittle and literally started to crumble out of her mouth. Her dentist chastized me because clearly I was doing something wrong. :-/ Well, after 5 extractions, 4 fillings and 2 crowns later, she was diagnosed and now we knew why! She was so grossly malnourished that they weren’t developing properly. **Side note – since going gluten free, the adult teeth that she has started to grow look extremely healthy.

  14. Yes but I drink stuff called liquid Biocell now! I went from 4 month apt back to 6 months 🙌🏻

  15. Yes. 8 yr old has 5 caps from severe erosion.

  16. And hair loss my vision is horrible

  17. yes my dentist took one tooth out a couple of years ago and said it was hollow!,she said she had never seen anything like that before

  18. Yes and only 24. Been bad since been young x

  19. Gluten intolerance ,yes teeth issues severe.since stoped gluten teeth enamel improving too

  20. Yes definitely

  21. Yes, terrible receding gums. Had a tooth infection that ended up having to be extracted. Just switched to a prebiotic toothpaste called Revitan. It’s good for our teeth and gums.

  22. Someone respond to this is they have receding gums.. I had to see a specialist and be said I had the recession of someone twice my age.. \n\nThis was all before I got diagnosed

  23. Yes! But dentists look at my teeth and think I’m a meathead. I can’t find a dentist to help!

  24. I was having this……but I did not think it had anything to do with gluten

  25. Yes, been having lots of issues with my teeth as well. And when you tell the dentist you are Celiac the reaction is that has nothing to do with your teeth 🙁

  26. Because Celiac disease causes malabsorption of minerals and vitamins, your body “eats itself.” Like a form of starvation the body takes minerals out of the teeth to compensate. Usually the first classic sign of Celiac is tooth problems

  27. I read 20 years ago that if more dentists were trained to recognize the dental signs of celiac disease the incidence of diagnosis would increase substantially. Unfortunately nobody is teaching them…

  28. absolutely

  29. Well when I was 17 the dentist told me that I had no enamel on my teeth. That was 28 years ago. Still haven’t been diagnosed with celiacs but have 30+ other symptoms, that was just one of the first confirmed ones.

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