Tell me Godiva Chocolate is okay?


Tell me Godiva Chocolate is okay? Just had a Dark Chocolate Strawberry and I now am projectile vomiting worse then the exorcist. I may be dying..not so sure

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  1. Nothing Godiva makes is safe.

  2. I wish it was. Bought their hot chocolate because I heard it was the best and when I got it found out it has gluten.

  3. Welp… i’m gunna start writing my will now.

  4. Wait. Isn’t the “gluten free” cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory made with Godiva chocolate?

  5. Godiva will not guarantee any of its products to be GF. As for cheesecake? Easy to make at home.

  6. Hershey chocolate is gluten-free. I know it’s not quite the same, but it is chocolate.

  7. Sees is safe except for their infrequent iced products . That disclaimer can be hard to find …
    Can be ordered off the web .

  8. Sorry but no.

  9. I found this on the Sees website, I used to get sick from Godiva too.

    godiva gluten free

  10. I just ate three pieces of Godiva dark chocolate and my stomach is a mess!!

  11. No, not for us. Sorry.

  12. theres no good damn reason why a solid piece of chocolate needs gluten. grr

  13. Some if not many of the higher cost and quality choclates use MALT as a binder and not for CD or NCGS… I found out the hard way

  14. Godiva is not Celiac safe I’m afraid

  15. It has GMO, so no.

  16. Sorry, not gf

  17. Get well soon

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