Terrible cystic acne while taking Levo!


Anyone else struggling with terrible cystic acne while taking Levo!? If so have you gone to a dermatologist and did it help?!

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  1. Yes! And no it didn’t help. Since I rejected accutane. But if you are ok with that medicine you can get results fast- I’m on proactive and trying tea tree oil.

  2. Lyb Trejo Boire I’m currently using proactive and it’s not doing anything:( just made a dermatologist appointment to get some answers. Has the tea tree oil helped you!?

  3. I know y’all are probably sick of hearing about gluten but my acne did really go away when I eliminated it. Only problem is I have a lot of scars and spots still :/

  4. When I went off synthetic meds and on to armour (then natureyhroid), it did get better. Drinking alot of water helps too.

  5. I had to go on lowest dose of birth control. It helps me stop breaking out.

  6. I went to a dermatologist and they gave me topicals that did nothing and would not prescribe me accutane no matter how much I pleaded. My cystic acne was AWFUL and PAINFUL, and my friends that were prescribed accutane had great results after their faces literally fell off over the course of a few months.
    I’m a skincare junkie, and I’ve tired nearly everything under the sun, and I found a routine that works for me after trying things for years. My skin is dry, sensitive, but extremely prone to cystic acne. I found the more products I use that target acne, the worse it would get… so I took a step back and tried some less harsh options. I have not had a breakout in months since switching to this NIGHT routine.
    0.5. I use Mask of Magneminty by LUSH once or twice a week. It’s natural, and makes my skin feel great. It says to leave on for 10-15 minutes, but I leave it on for an hour because I just love it.
    1. I use a clarisonic cleaning device with the most gentle and sensitive cleaning head. At first, there is a purging phase that will make it seem like your skin is getting worse. But if you use it sparingly and start with it only a few days a week, you should be fine. I can’t go back to regular cleansing with my hands because my skin just does not feel clean if I do not use a clarisonic. They also make a silicone cleansing device called the Foreo. I’m looking in to it because you don’t have to change the brush head like the clarisonic and it seems less abrasive on the skin.
    2. With the cleaning device, I use a SULFUR based cleanser. Cystic acne HATES sulfur, and I noticed an immediate improvement after using it. The one I currently use is by REN, the ClearCalm 3 Clay Cleanser.
    3. I use a glycolic acid toner. It stings, at first. But I swear using it saved my skin. The one I currently use is the Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Acid 10% Toner.
    4. Use a treatment serum. I used to use the Ole Henriksen Invigorating overnight treatment for scarring, and it did wonders. However, I don’t need something that intense anymore, and am now currently using a low concentrate of retinol.
    5. Use a very MILD moisturizer. The one I stuck to for forever was First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. It’s basic, mild, and not irritating. Since I am no longer struggling with cystic acne, and need to combat dryness, I currently use Dr. Jart+ Water Drop, and it feels stunning.

    I also have recommendations for oily and combination skin. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

  7. I take nature throid and have it. Dermatologist hasn’t helped

  8. My daughter suffered from the most severe cystic acne covering her entire body. Several dermatologist suggested the only cure would be acutane. Given her history of depression, I declined. We then stumbled across an amazing army Doctor who started her on this regime. Low dose of twice daily doxycycline pills, at night she applies a clindamycin phosphate and benzoyl peroxide gel 1.2%/5% and morning application of aczone. Washes face twice daily with plain dove. Uses cervave moisture twice daily. I can not praise this regime enough. She only gets a random few during her cycle now. As opposed to her entire body being covered. It literally changed her life. Now she only takes the doxycycline pills in ultra low dose of 50 MG each when she starts to see a breakout. She stared on I believe 100 MG twice a day.

  9. My little sister who is also 18 like my daughter also has the same regime and it completely cleared her as well.

  10. I’ve used Pure Manuka honey and had great results.

  11. Agree with Margaret about the manuka honey. I would also take colloidal silver orally and apply topically.

  12. Yes!!!! Switching to nature throid helped me a lot honestly

  13. I did have acne. I take antibiotics and cream for it

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