Terrible joint and muscle pain every morning


Hi friends,
i am 54 and I wake up with terrible joint and muscle pain every morning. I know have moderate arthritis in my back and hips, but the pain is incredible and there has to be more going on. Im taking magnesium and the AC. I’m looking at inflammatory foods as a possible culprit and wondering if it could be all the raw honey I put in my green tea. I use a lot. ? Any experiences with raw honey CAUSING inflammation rather than serving as an anti inflammatory? I also use the juice of 1-2 lemons per day, could that be a culprit? And finally, I use ashwaganda… have any of you had trouble with that? Thank you so much!

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  1. Have you added boron to your RCP? I notice a huge difference in waking body aches when I do the nightly foot soak, and take boron with my Mag morning and noon.

  2. I mix green tea & digestive tea together with tumeric, cinnamon, ground black pepper, and fresh ginger, with tablespoon of honey. I boil ginger 10 minutes or so before I add teas to pan. In my 20 ounce cup I put tsp tumeric & cinnamon with ground pepper. Pour tea in cup add honey. Honey can't be boiled it loses healing properties. Tumeric needs black pepper to help absorption. This actually tastes good.

  3. I would try to go as sugar free as possible and of course grain free I'm doing a natural arthritis Susan Blum

  4. Any sugar, even honey, is inflammatory. I recommend a ketogenic diet, and lots of Tumeric in the form of golden milk to start.

  5. Claire Siegrist, Have you been tested for Lyme & co-infections? Sure sounds like my symptoms with chronic Lyme – it devours collagen.

  6. It literally could be anything. I have arthritis triggered by carrot allergy. Only way to find it is by elimination. Make sure you are doing the Epsom salt and boron baths first to rule that out.

  7. Are you soy free? Soy and gluten both make my joints hurt.

  8. For all of you that are getting great results from Boron, how much are you taking?

  9. I find an anti inflammatory diet is the answer to joint pain. Online you'll find lists of ‘anti inflammatory foods'. Pineapple is my favourite. Eliminate added sugars, grains and processed foods. Worked like magic

  10. Stay away from sugar!

  11. These symptons i have from low potasium

  12. Recently I tested pretty low in Vit. D. I wonder if that is causing my muscle pain?

  13. …forgot to mention that along with a GF diet, it's recommended to take a good probiotic to replace your good gut flora a Vit D3 for healing

  14. Have you googled “borax conspiracy”?

  15. Add turmeric to as much as you can – make it with lemon and ginger to help with flavor

  16. Have you also cut out all of the factory made "foods"?

  17. oh, and don't forget the fish oil!

  18. Ashwaganda is a night shade and will cause you pain. I take Great Lakes Collageon, magnesium malate, and borax for pain relief. I know turmeric is excellent for pain relief too.

  19. I can't do lemon … and got rid of my morning back pain after following Dr. Gundry's new book … the Plant Paradox. Also can not do any dairy without it causing constipation. Doing the mag protocol has benefited my adrenals. Together … it is really wonderful!

  20. Going gluten free made a world of difference for me. No more morning stiffness and joint pain.

  21. The Turmeric Users group has a recipe for a golden paste that helps many with arthritis. Magnesium oil applied to the skin is one of the best ways to dose with magnesium. Many see relief from pain with it. Msm powder is worth trying. One thing it's known for is helping arthritis. You want a brand that is OptiMSM, which means it's gone thru a Distillation process vs the crystalization process. Nwhealthsolution.com is where I buy mine. Only 11.50 per lb. The site also has some good articles. I take 1 tsp morning and night. http://Www.msm-info.com for research. And Walter Last has a research paper "MSM and DMSO".

  22. Also check out the Water Cure by Dr Batmanghelidj. It involves taking unprocessed sea salt like Celtic sea salt or Himalayan along with plenty of water. These together keep the body properly hydrated at the cellular level. http://www.watercures.org/arthritis-pain-remedy.html. I can pm you more articles.

  23. I used to have such terrible back pain in the AM that I could not sleep more than 6 hours. I tried everything. Yes, sugar, carbs, higher glycemic and processed foods made it worse. It started to get better after starting the Root Cause Protocol of this Mag group. But it didn't completely go away till I did the full 500 ml phlebotomy. I now sleep like a baby and don't have the joint pain anywhere else anymore either. This stuff works. It takes time and it works x3C3

  24. Adding to the GF train! Actually I'm ketogenic. Within 3 days in and all joint pain was gone.

  25. Honey and honey products can be poorly tolerated by some individuals. Look at the GAPS diet too.

  26. Honey is high histamine. Look up Mast Cell Activation Disorder & see if it fits for you.
    Changing my diet & sleeping with an earthing blanket was helpful for ridding creaky am pain.
    Check out Earthing.com (it really does help!!)

  27. Consider trying an SCD intro diet. Basically, start with drinking homemade bone broth for three days, then begin adding easily digestible foods. Search for
    http://www.pecanbread.com and
    http://www.pecanbread.com stages

  28. Am I really that sick ? All these comments wants to make me throw up

  29. You are all so wonderful! THANK YOU!!!

  30. Check for Lyme infection

  31. When you do all the right things an still struggle think Lyme

  32. I have changed to a keto lifestyle and said goodbye to all my aches and pains.

    Magnesium has still been my best friend during this lifestyle change

  33. Mercury. Do you have metal fillings?

  34. Yes I do have Mercury amalgams… 8.
    Why would they start causing problems now?! Thank you!


  36. I take curcuim and or tumeric with a lot of relieve with fibromyalgia.

  37. Take the time to watch dr. Jorge Flechas you tube on boron to educate yourself

  38. I had that type of pain and mine was from eating high oxalate foods salad, nuts, most veggies… very painful.

  39. I am 49, and I also was suffering from severe joint and muscle pain every morning. It would subside after I was up and about 30 minutes to an hour. I have eliminated gluten and and cut way back on dairy. I am waking up pain free.

  40. I'm follow keto diet and no inflammation! Feeling good

  41. I had terrible joint pain and fibromyalgia for 2 decades. Gluten free and night shade feee made all the difference for me. I can't believe how much tomatoes affect me. I stay away from everything tomato.

  42. Borax has given me my life back!

  43. I had so much muscle pain and I made a batch of borax and over time I became pain free, so I stopped taking it for about 1 month. This morning I woke up and I was full of muscle pain all day so I made a batch and I feel so much better.

  44. Check also your Ferritin level

  45. It would be inflammatory foods wsy before raw honey. Looking into it? What does that mean? Change diet, nothing processed, no gluten, soy, corn, msg, spices, natural flavoring, hydrogenated oils, low fat/non fat milk products or ingredients, white flour, soda, no farmed meat wild is best. Goodluck!

  46. For joint and muscle pain I would suggest topical magnesium lotion 600mg or 800mg.

  47. Yes ashwangada causes me a lot of pain, it's a night shade. I get pain when I eat potatoes and tomatoes, two of my favourite foods, they are also nightshades.

  48. Claire Siegrist have you been tested for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome?

  49. I have exact symptoms. Have been lowering oxalates over the past 6 months (you must ease off of a high ox diet), removed nightshades and been on the RCP for 2 months and I am finally feeling improvement! There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there!

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