THANK YOU to Morley Robbins


This is just to offer some hope for anyone who may need some.

About 3 years ago, due to feeling ill, constantly catching colds/flus/debilitating fatigue etc and always being “assured” by my doctor I was “just fine” I went to an ND and had a live blood test.

It was determined I had high yeast levels in my blood, I wasn’t digesting certain foods, my liver was sluggish (due to the yeast causing perforations in my intestines causing leaky gut and thus “plugging” up my liver (my filter) ).

It was around this time I also learned of MAG and the recommendations given by those who contribute and of course, many conversations with Morley. Shortly after my racing heart and irregular beats stopped. No need for suggested medications! That was huge & I remain so grateful.

While I sometimes get frustrated that I still have a lot of fatigue (adrenals) it just hit me this morning how much things have in fact improved, that I haven’t given my body credit for.

Following the “protocol” tweaked to my individual needs I just realized I have not been sick with any cold or flu in about a year & a half!!!

A day here or there when I felt sluggish and fighting something off but NOT sick! In a house with 4 school age children and all their germs ? My daughter was just confirmed with severe strep throat and I….I am fine (knock knock)!

THANK YOU to Morley, THANK YOU to all who contribute so, so much. Hang in there, keep going forward it can get better, truly!

My ship may still be rocky at times but I am beginning to sail into smoother waters and so can you

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  1. I, too, have found relief from a lifetime of irregular heartbeats. It seems miraclulous when we just put what God intended into our starving bodies!! So happy for your wonderful results and also thankful for Morely and his shared wisdom!

  2. The doctor and I watched, literally watched my white blood cells and the bacteria in the plasma, they were barely moving, he was not surprised why I was always sick with something – well those beautiful macrophages are doing their thing now and that is an incredibly big, wonderful change for me – keep going and be kind to yourself

  3. Thank you so much for posting your story and for the encouragement! I'm Hypo w/Adrenal fatigue and gluten sensitive. I'm looking forward to getting my health restored and my energy back!

  4. Karen, I find when I cut out gluten and most grains faithfully, I notice a huge improvement on my energy levels, sleep and feeling like I actually slept and pain in my knees. Life sometimes happens and I need to kick my own butt to get back on track with that but within 5-7 days there is such a difference, I personally believe cutting those out really helps. All the best to you.

  5. Thanks Barb. I've been gf for 2 months. I think lack of energy is due to adrenal issues but I'm working on getting everything healthy again. Thanks again!

  6. Barb Lawson
    Thanks for your heartfelt & compelling testimony… Hopefully many others will see this & realize that there is a natural path w/ balanced minerals as "stepping stones!"…

    Keep in mind, the "gluten" issue is MORE likely due to Iron "fortification" of Wheat — this has been going on since WW II, & ramped UP w/ the spraying of Glyphosate prior to harvesting of Wheat to "improve" yield — *wink!* *wink!*

    And Adrenals attract Iron & THAT's what sloooooows 'em down.

    Continued success on your recovery & thank you again for sharing this. You may also want to post this over on Morley's Testimonials FB group so it will reach folks specifically seeking validation on this "Bozo from the Bayou!…"

    A votre sante!

  7. I will do so with pleasure Morley Regarding the adrenals/cortisol further, I find it critical to address the stress: environment, inner (inflammation, etc) situations, life and being a highly empathic person I absolutely must avoid certain people, as I can literally take on their emotions/situations as my own. I make it a point to get rid of accumulated stress via acupressure, Epsom baths, gentle walking, dry body brushing, sleeping longer, meditation and my favorite – laughing, so glad I have a sense of humour! Real foods, (the protocol) asking for help and saying NO at times are all very important also. My heartfelt thanks again to all.

  8. Geez, so excited by this realization I almost forgot to share one of thee biggest keys to better everything, gratitude – every single day, every single night tons of gratitude! Ok, back to my chores, a beautiful day to all. Take care

  9. Would you like to share this on the Morley testimonies page please??

  10. Yes, just joined, thank you!

  11. Thank you ️

  12. A live blood test?? Haven't heard of that – so you asked your naturopath for this as it's the best test for candida or other fungal/bacterial diagnosis?

  13. I got extremely blessed and was researching something for this group when a newspaper article about an alternative doctor came up who was 45 minutes away. Before any one asks what the big deal is, I will tell for the last 7 years of getting run around for regular doctors I have been searching for one. In my neck of the woods its easier to look for a 2 headed animal. It is just now just catching on. I did internet searches/ asked around at health food store. If you havent found one keep looking/ asking. One will turn up. 🙂

  14. very encouraging…thanks for sharing (Y)

  15. what type of magnesium do you take? I hear so much controversy on the different types thanks!


    TYVM for the post.
    I'm at the beginning of my journey.
    Still determining what issues I truly have……
    Then going to address them.
    Looking forward to getting well.

  16. That's the perfect way to think about it. Even when you still have a ways to go, focus on what has improved. Healing takes time and even the little things like less sickness and sleeping better are signs you're on the right track 🙂

  17. Fabulous!

  18. Whenever I want a dose of positivity I come to this site. Very caring community!

  19. ab fab….! I share your gratitude. I too am learning on here. still got questions. really appreciate your appreciation and I add mine too, to Morley and to MJ. may i report where i'm at? ….in the hope that i'll get nagged and licked into shape. Well i bought a spray of mag…that goes on my legs and arms and chest… moore cramps…wheeee. and i sometimes take mag capsules….and occasionally have epsom salt baths. i'm not consistent and i'm also worried by this confusing vit d thing. i had just started taking vit d. i'm so bad about taking stuff but the D i was taking was a liquid in an orange oil and it was actually nice and easy…which really makes a difference. my mag is 55. i was advised to get it up to 60 – 70. now i 'm getting lost and disheartened….surely its the case that D is ok if its natural. its the fact that mostly its synthetic that s the problem….right?

  20. sorry my vit D was at 50 (not mag)

  21. I should add, my hubby is a type O and when he eats the foods for type O's he does extremely well and I do have great respect Dr. D'Adamo's work as well.

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