The doc wants me on Vit D for 3 months


Just got my test results back for Vit D and its pretty low. The doc wants me on Vit D for 3 months. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be writing a post of this nature. My question is for those of you who also had a low D result – what they did about it and have they overcome the deficiency. Thanks in advance.

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  1. The D tablets have just arrived from the chemist – and I am looking at them in dilemma – heavens above 🙁

  2. So glad I joined this discussion,now maybe I can make sense of all this

  3. Please read d depletes magnesium.

  4. I have no D – that's the problem

  5. Synthetic d is not suggested here

  6. I have magnesium – I think I am going to make myself a drink

  7. Low d= low magnesium

  8. If you take d you will depletes magnesium

  9. ahh – well the doctor says I am not low on maggie so I will be going to see her next week

  10. Take cod liver oil which is natural d

  11. so what's the answer then?

  12. I have been taking fermented codliver oil for months – the D is low –

  13. Get magnesium RBC not serum

  14. What about using a quality cod liver oil? And increasing magnesium. There are whole food Vit D supps which are much better than prescription vitamin d or d3 supps tho a low dose D3 may be needed depending on your tests results. Need magnesium to activate the D.
    Your dr didn't test your mag properly. The mag serum test which your dr ran is useless because it doesn't look inside the cells.

  15. that's my next step Cheri

  16. How much magnesium are you taking?

  17. Do doctors do maggie tests properly – I don't think so

  18. not enough Cheri – never in my wildest dreams did I think I needed to take the full amount required. I soak in mag chloride 4 times a week have done for months now and I take Natural Calm say a teaspoon a day

  19. Plus the calcichews are not helping if they are calcium

  20. Maintenance is 5 mg per pound of body weight. More to get your levels up

  21. I need to choose a much better magnesium and I am 70 kilos so if I may ask for recommended maggie to take and how much please

  22. Two raging epidemics, worldwide:
    o Alzheimer's…
    o "D"ementia…

    Folks, WAKE UP!!!!

    How often & how many ways do we need to say it?!?…

    Your Affagato, Allopathetic practitioner has been wrong — "D"EAD WRONG — about EVERY nutriitional topic for the last 60 years…

    That people STILL don't get it is rather "D"epressing!…

    A votre sante!

  23. I feel D mented at the moment Morley and I am determined to get it right

  24. All I can say is Thank Heavens for this group

  25. Plus you need the cofactors so the mag can absorb. has info.
    Yvonne- I would ditch that calcichew.

  26. I am thinking of buying jigsaw or mag glycinate

  27. the Calm Mag maybe not strong enough for me

  28. I might just get the jigsaw though

  29. The drs best is a good choice. Each tab is 100mg elemental mag
    At 70 kilos you need 770 mg elemental mag just to maintain levels. Start slow with whatever supp you add

  30. My VitD bloods were at 14.7?Anyone explain this?

  31. Jigsaw is good for me because it has the cofactor b6, is slow release and gives me energy.

  32. Then it says Serum 250HD

  33. Yvonne, your 25oh vit d is low. That is your storage vit D. Need to get the 1,25 oh tested.
    Need to add magnesium not calcium (which uses up the magnesium) to bring it up…then whole food forms like cod liver oil.

  34. Thanks Nicole,I really appreciate that help

  35. Nicole what do you mean by cofactors?

  36. and Nicole what's the 1,25 oh tested mean?

  37. Cofactors are needed to mag absorbs and stay in the cell. B6, boron and bicarbonate are mag's cofactors.
    The 1,25 is the active vit d.

  38. ahh – so I need jigsaw because it has B6 and I need to soak in boron and bicarbonate?

  39. Try mag. Gel it's easier absorbed.

  40. Theresa Wood read this page carefully. It summarizes Morley's position on D.

  41. Magnesium's cofactors and how it works with other nutrients

  42. thanks xx

  43. Oh my.
    Theresa Wood get the four tests to see what's really going on.
    70kg x 2.2 lbs= 154 lbs
    154 lbs x 5 mg= 770 mg per day to maintain current levels
    So probably somewhere in the 1000 mg range.

    Jigsaw srt "10percentoff" code great in AM as malate converts to malic acid for energy
    Pure glycinate in PM helps me aid in sleep
    And I do some citrate on afternoon

    Doctor doesn't know magnesium is normal unless they check RBC NOT serum.
    1% of maggie is in serum and 99% in cells. 1% is maintained at the cost of the maggie in the cells…so serum will almost always show normal results.

    The vitamin D they test for is only a snap shot of a part of the picture, the puzzle cannot be completely understand unless you check both active and storage D. RBC calcium and magnesium levels. If you take the D3 you will compound the problem by throwing a hormone at a symptom. Fix the problem, solve the problem.

    Much love beloved Theresa! Shalom.

  44. Thanks Ammi – I wondered why all the different maggies – I now understand. I am going to start off slowly. I already have the citrate – I have bought the jigsaw and whole Vit C – I am now looking for a Vit B – and see how I go.

  45. Vitamin code vitamin B has worked well for us. 🙂

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