The patch or nexplanon?


Alright the patch or nexplanon? Suggestions good bad things about the patch and nexplanon.. Right now I’m on the depo shot and it’s not going well at all

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  2. I never had any issues with it slipping either. It stayed in place and I never felt it. No yeast infections.

  3. I've never had that issue. It doesn't move at all, stays in the same spot. I've had some extra discharge, but no yeast infections.

  4. I hated the ring so much. I had tons of vaginal discharge causing chronic yeast infections. It also slides down and gets to be very uncomfortable and you have to get a moment to push it back up. I hated the ring.

  5. I had my daughter in November and got on the depo and my periods are messed up so bad at first the doctor I seen said the depo would help with my period but it got worse once I started the depo In December

  6. I don't get a period every 3 months even without birth control. Plus, having that break with on birth control makes one of my more serious medical conditions flare. So keeping all of hormones as level as possible is the best situation for me. I just got my period yesterday, my last one was on January.

  7. The depo shot is so bad, I bleed most of the time and I'm in pain, heart racing, dizziness/lightheaded ess

  8. I won't do depo. It scares me because you can't undo it, you just have to wait it out.

  9. Also, I'd recommend anything over Depo, as its been shown to cause bone density loss, leading to osteoperosis…

  10. NuvaRing is great, but it is recommended to have a period at least every three months, to prevent breakthrough bleeding. (Their website actually recommends leaving it in for 24 days, and out for 4, or 25 days and out for 3. I think that's right, but please check the site first!) I've had no issues at all with it. I tried the patch, but I bled for 3 weeks (might have been 3 months, I dont recall a lot), and almost needed a blood transfusion. My doctor said they'd never seen such an adverse reaction. Just trust yourself, and watch for odd signs, whichever you choose. (I couldn't do the arm implant, can't stand things under my skin… Squicks me out…)

  11. It's not that hard if they are trained to do it they can do it.

  12. So true I'm just nervous about the arm implant cause every doctor I see I don't trust to do it

  13. Whichever you choose is going to be better than Depo! It will come down to a personal preference of which method of hormone delivery you choose. If you don't like arm implant, you can always have it taken out and if you don't like patch you can always take it off.

  14. I definitely recommend the nuva ring. I really liked it but due to other medical issues, I had to start using it continously. It worked well like that for a while, but I started having issues with bleeding. So I'm sure if you used it monthly, it would work better. That's why I'm switching to the mirena, I need a continuous steady release of hormones. 🙂

  15. Okey Thanks for the info!

  16. I switched to the nuvaring. It worked really well for a few years but then I started having issues. I'm getting the mirena on wednesday.

  17. Then what did u switch to? ^^^ if u don't mind me asking

  18. The patch didn't work for me. Had a lot of break through bleeding and I had a few patches that gave me what looked like chemical burns.

  19. I love the patch. I haven't had any negative side effects except for a ton of acne thy I didn't have before but that's not a huge deal. Keep in mind it works different for everyone

  20. Gained 45lbs on nexplanon. Heavy periods twice a month. Im switching to patch

  21. I'm so sorry it's not going well on depo. I had troubles to. I bleed for over 1 month on my first depo shot. It was so hard for me. Then I switched to the patch and haven't look back since. The only time I have had trouble on the patch is when I was trying to avoid my period. (By leaving a patch on, do I didn't have a patch free week) don't do that it causes lots of continues spotting. But it was my fault I leant me lesson from it. Lol. Other that that I have LOVED the patch. Best wishes! Feel free to ask me any question about it.

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