They lost their water while pregnant?


Anyone have experience taking MOM when they lost their water while pregnant? This happened Oct of 2013 and we are considering legal action, what do you think? I started to lose my water at 27 weeks and went to the docs, they said I had to be hospitalized for the duration of the pregnancy. I was in the hospital a week on bed rest and was constipated due to lack of activity, it was very uncomfortable, I had not used the restroom in 5 days. The nurse offered my MOM and I asked are you sure I can take this, she said yes. I was so tired, stressed, and uncomfortable I took it. The moment I swallowed it i thought I should have googled it first. A couple hours after I started bleeding. They said they wanted to do an emergency c section, it was so stressful. A lot of bad things happened (like the epidural didn’t work even after multiple tries!), but to make a long story shorter my daughter was healthy and had to stay in the NICU two months. I told the Neonatal doc I was given MOM while I had no water and on bed rest in the hospital and he freaked out. He said I NEVER should have been given that. He said that it would start to make my large intestine contract and due to me having no water it would make things move around inside and could do damage. He said he was going to go tell the obgyns not to give that out. Being a preemie has had a lot of challenges for my daughter and our family. Fortunately, she is doing very well, but she is still predisposed to things and could have future complications due to being born so early. Thanks for your time and advice.

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  1. I don't have any experience with this but just wanted to say that I'm so sorry that happened to you! I would be so upset finding out they gave me something they shouldn't have and then all of that happened! 🙁 What is with doctors these days?! I had a doctor tell me I needed to have an MRI and a HIDA scan while pregnant (they thought I was having gallbladder probs but ended up being pre-eclampsia). Thankfully my OB found out about it and told me I absolutely should not have either of those while pregnant. Again, I'm just so sorry that happened to you. I hope that others can give you more input!

  2. So sorry to read of your experience and so relieved that your baby is thriving.

    When your membranes rupture ( your bag of waters)
    Your uterus is open to infection. Usually once this happens most babies would be born quite soon after.
    There are many reasons for premature labor and pre conception health and checks are so important.

    I feel that legal action would be stressful and difficult to prove. It would be time consuming to process and I personally would enjoy time with your baby and treasure the miracle of life with her ️

    Best wishes for her future good health

    27 yrs ago I suffered mal practice during one of my births and, on reflection, im pleased that I focused on my babies and having fun with them.

  3. I agree…. Im confused why having ruptured membranes could cause a severe reaction.
    In past years in midwifery women were given routine enemas. Stimulating the bowel stimulates the uterus to contract.
    If the bowels loosen very quickly and contract then so does the uterus
    This is nature. The bowel naturally empties during childbirth.
    Its no longer routine to give enemas during labor

    Im not convinced MoM caused a premature labor

  4. So sorry for your experience but thankful your baby is alive and healthy. Medical malpractice is one of the leading causes of death in the US. My girlfriend lost not one, but both of her parents due to medical malpractice. There was a lawsuit after the first one and just lots of depression and illness after the second (for my girlfriend). She was only 23 at the time of the second. So much they will miss.

  5. I didn't go into premature labor, from what they told me the MOM made my intestines contract and that movement made things move, like the placenta and made it bleed. I was not having labor contractions and could have carried my baby longer, but the MOM given to me when I had ruptured membranes made my placenta bleed.

  6. I am not questioning your experience but I can't find anything on your particular circumstance. Everything I have read concerns regular pregnancy and MOM being safe. It sounds like you googled after and found info regarding not taking it in certain situations. Hope you can share that.

  7. Crystal Wright

  8. Early rupture of membranes is the start of labor.
    The open uterus creates risk of infection to the baby so in most cases the baby will be born very soon after the waters go.
    I feel it is important to focus on the positive outcome. A healthy live baby.

    Many women take laxatives and are even given enemas in labour.
    Natures causes bowels to be very loose during the birth process.

  9. Thanks for reading my post and for everyone's comments. Many women have ruptured membranes and keep their baby inside and safe while on bed rest in the hospital. I could have too, but I took the MOM. Thanks, my baby is doing well, but has a lot of food allergies because she was premature. Being premature opens the door for MANY problems, even learning problems later and a predisposition to adhd. She endured a lot during her hospital stay and that makes me mad, she didn't deserve that. And I didn't deserve my baby in the hospital for two months, she had to be on quarantine for months afterward. I AM fortunate she is ok, but still it was and is hard.

  10. I have no opinions on what you should do but did want you to know that my niece was born premature (1lb 12oz) 22 yrs ago and she is doing great. Top grades, runner,and all around great kid. I just wanted you to to hear a positive outcome. Good luck with whatever you chose to do.

  11. I agree Tami
    I know a family with babies born at 28 weeks, one is now a school teacher and the other an IT whizz.

    Dear Erica Morgan,
    Wishing you wonderful things with your daughter after all of your initial suffering ️

  12. Labor Doesn't start until contractions begin. I highly doubt you'll be able to prove negligence or even find an attorney who will take on your case. Your best bet is to share your story with as many as possible. Bacteria can cause PPROM

  13. I agree many women do safely stay in the hospital with ruptures membranes for weeks until delivery.

  14. I think the negligence has to do with the fact that they did not notice you were not having bowel movements or drinking enough fluids while you were there prior. Giving you the MOM after you were already backed up would cause your bowels to start moving, but I doubt the MOM would be the cause of your premature labor. I am glad you are now safe and your baby is home. x3C3

  15. Thanks, they noticed, they kept giving me fiber pills. The nurse gave me MOM but I do not know if the obgyn would have been ok with it (the neonatology dept was not) When I asked her if I could take it she looked on my computer chart and didn't see it in "no" list. I should have made her check with the doctor and I should have Goggled. I was exhausted, stressed, and in pain, so I wasn't thinking clearly.

  16. Am enema is what is usually given during labor

  17. I never had contractions and never had preterm labor. They did then c section because I was bleeding. The neonatology dept thinks it is from taking the MOM.

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