They suspect celiac disease but awaiting test results.


Hoping someone can shed some light and ease my mind. Our son is almost five and has complained of a tummy ache for more than a year now. Last week he woke up puking and screaming in pain with his tummy. This went on for three days on and off. His Dr wants to perform a scope this week and we are hesitant/nervous.

They suspect celiac disease but awaiting test results. He can be totally fine and then screams in pain my tummy hurts. Dr said to limit his gluten intake on a daily basis until lab is back. He really screams in pain when he has a BM which right now is very soft. He has had constipation issues in the pat and takes a medication daily to help. Anyone have other ideas or suggestions that we should be aware of or questions to ask his pediatric gastroenterologist. Sorry my post is so long. Thank you everyone for your time and support.

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  1. Why wouldn’t you get it done? It’s harmless and it takes like 15 min. I would want to know.

  2. Please do not take him off gluten if you are going to scope him! It will be twice as bad to go back on!! He has to be eating gluten for 6-8 weeks to get an accurate test result.\n\nThe scope process is not that bad, the procedure itself was under a half hour. Prep & wakeup is what takes the bulk of the time. Harder on mom than your kiddo!\n\nConsider now before you fully pull off gluten!

  3. If it were my child I would definitely get it done. What is your hesitation? If course as parents you are scared but this procedure could give you all a definitive answer and peace of mind. Poor little guy.

  4. Continue gluten until scope. Please do it . He won’t feel or remember thing. Good luck ,

  5. Continue to give him gluten and get the endoscopy done as soon as possible so you have a certain diagnosis. My recommendation anyway.

  6. Thank you everyone. We will have his endoscopy Thursday and will keep him on gluten just in little amounts and not a lot at once. I appreciate your help.

  7. Have him tested for H pylori. It’s a stool test.

  8. I would take him off dairy too especially cows milk.

  9. The scope is very easy, we left and went right out to eat since he couldn’t eat prior. The worst part was that he was chilly in the hospital gown, but was quickly distracted with a warm blanket. It’s nerve wracking but in the end you have answers and can move past these belly woes

  10. Poor little thing. I’m an adult and I used to quite literally cry when using the bathroom. It hurts. I’m so glad he’s having the test. A year after going gluten free I was tested again and my villi are normal now, and I’m sure his will be too. Good luck to your little one. You’re a good mom.

  11. Get the scope but he needs to be on gluten

  12. He wont remember the scope. But he needs to continue with a gluten diet.

  13. Have them check for lactose intolerance and GERD while they are scoping. I’m sure they will, but just in case. My son, who’s not celiac had horrible stomach pains for months. Found out he was lactose intolerant and had GERD. He’s better with meds and using lactose enzyme. Hope your son feels better.

  14. Thanks everyone I really appreciate it.

  15. My son was diagnosed with celiac at 18 months. He had the scope and biopsies and I think it was harder on my than him. He bounced right back. I hope he is feeling better soon and you get the answers you need.

  16. He sounds exactly like me when I was little. )): Poor little guy. My issues did end up being celiac, and with the diet (and also getting rid of dairy) I started feeling better and better. I also took a probiotic and some enzymes with each meal to kind of give my tummy a break. In the mean time, bone broth and lots of water can help his tummy heal. I sure hope he feels better soon. )):

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